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Vaseline used in Boston marathon bombs

CNN Law Enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes on how vaseline may be important component in bombs used at Boston marathon.

How effective are terror watch lists

CNN's Tom Foreman asks experts to determine how effective terrorist watch lists are in the wake of the Boston bombings.

Mesereau AEG arguments may backfire

Tom Mesereau, former atty for Michael Jackson, on why he thinks AEG's arguments in wrongful death case could backfire.


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An amazing accident. You can't make this shit up. Judging from the comments, this video needs a back story:- The pages that are being printed ar...

Awkward Handshake The Game Moving Mind Studio

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Ever have an awkward moment while greeting someone? Time to level up on your social skills. Moving Mind Studio is Sam Brisson, Ryan George, and Brand...

Tom WaitsCookie Monster Hell Broke Luce

Thanks for all the kind comments, People of the Intertubes! Sorry it took so long, but here at long last is the second coming of Cookie Waits. Hope y...

Closeup look at disrupted terror plot

CNN's Tom Foreman reports on where Canadian officials believe an alleged al Qaeda-supported plot was to take place.

Panel The hunt for a motive

John Negroponte, Jim Johnson, Tom Fuentes & Candice DeLong on the government's hunt for a motive in the Boston attack.

FLESH by Ivn Prez

Nederlands Dans Theater II Premiered 24th of Februrary 2011 Lucent Dans Theater. Choreography Iván Pérez Music: Arvo Pärt, Eric Withacre Da...

Final moments of Boston terror manhunt

CNN's Tom Foreman recreates the intense final moments, and thermal images that led to the capture of the second suspect.