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Who is Joe Biden

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The Vice President’s recent LA visit had Jimmy wondering how many people even know who he is. So as an experiment we sent a camera crew out onto Hol...

Pot Quiz

The Marijuana industry is getting involved in the political process. We wondered if regular pot smokers pay enough attention to politics to make a pos...

Pete Davidson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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The very funny Pete Davidson from the show "Guy Code" performs stand up. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Wat...

Jimmy Kimmel Live Barista Spelling Bee

Anyone who drinks coffee has had the misfortune of having their name spelled wrong on the cup. So in honor of National Coffee Day, we thought it would...

Courteney Cox on the 20th Anniversary of Friends

Courteney talks about the 20th anniversary of “Friends” and tries to correct a mistake she made when she appeared in a “Friends” bit on our sh...

Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg Walruses

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A brand new installment of the educational nature series Jimmy created with Snoop Dogg. #PlizzanetEarth SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bi...

Jimmy Kimmel039s Tribute to Uncle Frank

Jimmy Kimmel's Tribute to Uncle Frank, the full monologue from that night's tribute show SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL:

Lena Dunham is Writing Archie Comics

Lena talks about writing for Archie comics and reveals that she's a lifelong Archie fan. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL:

Sign Language Rap Battle with Wiz Khalifa

Jimmy invited three sign language interpreters who have signed for audiences at rap concerts to compete in the first ever Sign Language Rap Battle wit...

Cookin with Auntie Fee School Lunch

It’s back-to-school time and as many parents know it’s hard to keep kids happy with a fresh and healthy lunch. Fortunately we got some professiona...