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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in the World Under The Dark Sky

Under The Dark Sky [UDS] The Top 10 best places to visit or travel are the list of those countries, splendidly beautiful with natural, historical and....
He built an airplane and cut his commute by seven minutes

A man in the Czech Republic spent two years building his own airplane just to cut seven minutes from his commute.
Anime Duel: Gon Freecss Vs Yusuke Urameshi

Yoshihiro Togashi we hope you’re watching, cause your babies are about to duke it out.Welcome to, and in today’s anime du...
Stranded tourist recants tale of survival in New Zealand

An emotional Czech tourist, who was trapped for a month in a hut after her partner died in a New Zealand national park, has thanked her "heroes&q...
The Battery That039s Lasted 176 Years

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GUEST VIDEO! Go subscribe to Sally's channel: In a laboratory at Oxford University sits the Oxford Electric Bell,...
The 039Nazi gold train039 mystery is closer to being solved

A year after treasure hunters alerted authorities to an underground 'Nazi gold train', a team started excavations in the hope of solving the...
Virus hunters look for deadly diseases in bat caves

These disease detectives in South Africa are on the hunt for a deadly pathogen that can jump from animals to humans.
Apartments for Rent In Killeen Texas

Hunter Rentals & Property Management provides affordable apartments for rent in Killeen, TX. The agents help the clients in understanding the impo...
Emergency Water Removal Orlando FL

Emergency Damage Repair Services 1722 36th St Orlando, FL 32839 United States (407) 449-2001 Emergency Water Removal Orlando FL Emergency Wat...
BAYWATCH po esku Ple v Riu hldaj olympijt plavci Rio 2016

Pobřežní hlídka v české režii! Pláže v Riu hlídají čeští olympijští plavci. Czech BAYWATCH = CZECHWATCH! :-) Song Credit: Jimi Jamison...