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TED David Chalmers How do you explain consciousness David Chalmers 2014

Our consciousness is a fundamental aspect of our existence, says philosopher David Chalmers: “There’s nothing we know about more directly…. but ...

Our food Your questions Is McDonald039s beef real

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“Pink slime”? Worm meat? Fillers? You’ve been talking about McDonald's beef so we’ve opened the doors to Cargill, one of our U.S. beef su...

Video Conservative Vice Lords The Socially Conscious Street Gang

Benneth Lee is a former Vice Lords chief now a professor at the Northeastern Illinois University. Here he talks about how he uses an old documentary a...

Old Woman Starts Dancing In Walmart About Her Food Stamp

This lady went over the walls about having her food stamp, who knew that free food can make a woman move like that. I guess I have to get myself some ...

The US Town With No Cell Phones or WiFi

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Pocahontas County in West Virginia falls within the National Radio Quiet Zone. It’s home to quiet country living, friendly people, and one of the mo...

Video 11YearOld Brooklyn Rapper Raps About Society039s Issues NOT Shmoney

Flatbush resident Amor 'Lil Man Arteaga, 11, raps about issues that he sees in his community

TED Deborah Gordon What ants teach us about the brain cancer and the Internet

Ecologist Deborah Gordon studies ants wherever she can find them -- in the desert, in the tropics, in her kitchen ... In this fascinating talk, she ex...

Remy Ma on The Wendy Williams Show

Rapper Remy Ma opens up about her time in prison and tells Wendy how she was able to make her marriage work while she was behind bars. Plus, Remy tell...

Sceptic Mark Tilbrook confronted and abused by family of quotpsychicquot Sal

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From Mark Tilbrook: “As I explained in the Guardian on 7 October, 2014 (

10 Things You Need To Know About ISIS

10 Things You Need to Know About Islamic State With terrifying news reports coming in every week it's time to learn more about ISIS. Watch the cl...