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Video Faber Report Allergan vs Valeant

Video on CNBC's David Faber reports Allergan is cutting 13 percent of its workforce and Valeant complains to the SEC and Canadian regu...

Dam Fun Facts About Beavers

SciShow shares fun facts about nature's greatest engineers: the beaver! --------- Want to learn more about Animal Wonders?

Video Dan Aykroyd Says The Godfather of Soul James Brown Drove RENTALS

Jimmy and Dan Aykroyd reminisce about James Brown, and they discuss Dan's biopic about the Godfather of Soul. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show S...

The Naked Truth About The Abs The "Get Truth About Abs Ebook" contains 7 Unique Tricks to show you how to melt down your stubborn Belly ....

Video David Gregory reacts to MH 17 tragedy

Video on NBC's

Video Airlines take airspace precautions

Video on Discussing warnings for flying over the Eastern Ukraine area, and whether airlines will have to be more cautious going forward abo...

Video Charles Barkley Need Sterling out ASAP

Video on CNBC's Mandy Drury speaks to Joe Theismann and Charles Barkley about investing, Daniel Snyder and Don Sterling.

Why Do We Gossip Man on the Street

We all gossip, but why? Do we do it to feel better about ourselves? SoulPancake hit the streets to talk to strangers about why, and when, we gossip. ...

Video Ukraine conflict clearly international Expert

Video on William Taylor, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, provides insight on what President Obama will say about the conflict in Ukraine...

Video Ray Lane on Google Glass partner 039This is a profound cha

Video on CrowdOptic CEO Jon Fisher and investor Ray Lane talk to Jane Wells about how the company's technology works with Google Glass...