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Topless protester rails against Putin

Protesters rally outside the Crimean parliament against a vote that determines whether Crimea remains part of Ukraine.

Gay Olympian stands against Russian laws

Olympic skater Blake Skjellerup shares thoughts on the Sochi games and why he is against Russia's gay propaganda laws.

LiveLeakcom Patronising the Palestinians

Because we're racists. 'As Muslims, our blood vengeance against the Jews will only subside with their annihilation.' This is the kind ...

Video NBA Play Of The Week Brandon Roy039s Game Winner Against The Rockets

Trailblazers wins series against Rockets

JFK nephew against legalizing weed

Christopher Kennedy Lawford says he's against legalizing marijuana on the federal level.

Kerry Riskier to not act against Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry says the risk of not acting against Syria threatens U.S. national security interests.

LiveLeakcom open your mouth protest against Russian homophobia graphic

the Berlin drag queen Barbie Breakout protests against the Russian war on homosexuality

Natassia Malthe Sex Scene xHamstercom

Watch Natassia Malthe Sex Scene at! A Sex Scene with Natassia Malthe.

LiveLeakcom Feasibility of sanctions against Russia

In the last couple of weeks the US government promised tough sanctions against Russia. President Barack Obama authorized the Treasury Department to pr...

LiveLeakcom Jihadis Spray and Pray against Syrian Army Terrible mistake rea

Spray and pray? Well, In this case . . Terrorists salafis have learned that sometimes Rambo style fight is not the proper way to win your enemy. Their...