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Judge dismisses case against Berlusconi

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More move against Obama on border crisis

Politicians respond to the border crisis as more lawmakers move against Obama. CNN's Michelle Kosinski reports.

LiveLeakcom Brazil Protesters bare all in rally against discrimination EXPL

Protesters rallied against discrimination in all its forms at the 'Marcha das Vadias' Saturday in the Brazilian city of Curitiba. The marc.....

Israeli troops beat American teen

Violence against teens in Jerusalem stokes tensions. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.

Iraq reports gains against ISIS militants

The Iraqi government continues to claim that they are gaining ground against ISIS militants. CNN's Arwa Damon reports.

The case against Justin Harris

AC360 looks at the case against Justin Harris, the father charged with murdering his son by leaving him in a hot car.

Calls for and against US involvement in Iraq Video Reuterscom

Voices for and against U.S. involvement in Iraq are heard outside the White House, paired with a dramatic reenactment of a bombing in Iraq in which a ...

Iraqis are taking up arms against ISIS

CNN's Nic Robertson reports thousands of Iraqis have volunteered to take up arms against ISIS.

Thousands protest against monarchy in Spain Video Reuterscom

June.8 - Five days after Spanish King Juan Carlos announced plans to abdicate the throne, thousands of people across the country demonstrate against t...