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LA News Station Reacts to Earthquake Live on Air CollegeHumor Video

Now that you say it, they do seem a little shaken. Watch

Anchors react to LA quake on live TV

Anchors from affiliate KCBS react to the 4.4 magnitude earthquake on live TV.

Russia Today anchor resigns onair

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Former Russia Today America anchor Liz Wahl about resigning on live television.

News Anchors Communicate With Signs After Audio Fails Video

When WGN's Morning News experienced a technical meltdown with no audio, instead of panicking, the anchors decided to keep the audience entertaine...

News Anchor Brian Williams Sings Rappers Delight Video

The NBC Nightly News anchor Brian raps The Sugar Hill Gang's classic

Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead cover Anchor amp The Bell

Anchor & the Bell cover Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees."

MSNBC anchor under fire for Palin rant

MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir apologizes for his controversial comments about Sarah Palin.

Anchor hangs up on Oprah midinterview

A WGN news anchor accidentally hangs up on Oprah Winfrey in the middle of a phone interview.

CNN Amazingly Bad News Fail The Daily Show

CNN Newsroom anchor Ashleigh Banfield and CNN Headline News anchor Nancy Grace were discussing the Cleveland kidnapping case "via satellite,"...

Parody or Does She Believe It CNN Anchor Blames Asteroid on Global Warming MR

CNN anchor Deb Feyerick asked Saturday afternoon if an approaching asteroid, which will pass by Earth on February 15, “is an example of, perhaps, ...