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Video Meet 039Squawk Box Asia039

Video on The

Video Golf039s popularity problem

Video on NBC Sports anchor David Briggs thinks

LiveLeakcom Kurdish TV news anchor cries for dead Kurdish Kids

The news anchor could not hold his crying when he learns they found more than 15 Kurdish kids hiding in the mountains near Shingal town dead from .....

Video NASCAR039s Stewart hits kills driver

Video on Dave Briggs, NBC Sports anchor, discusses NASCAR's Tony Stewart's accident which resulted in the death of competitor Ke...

Video Rain didn039t dampen Rory039s big win

Video on Dave Briggs, NBC Sports anchor, shares his thoughts on 25-year old Rory McIIroy's PGA Championship win.

Video Tiger teeing off at PGA039s Valhalla

Video on David Briggs, NBC Sports anchor, discusses the PGA's final major of the year and whether fans can expect to see Tiger Woods w...

Should ESPN anchor receive a suspension

Carol Costello and guests weigh in on ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith's domestic violence comment.

Anchor shares personal story of violence

CNN anchor Carol Costello shares her experience with domestic violence after the issue takes the spotlight in the NFL.

News Anchor Can039t Stop Laughing at a Fat Cat Swimming

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WDBJ7 news anchor Susan Bahorich Cracking Up with this story of a fat kitty swimming to lose weight, even though at certain points her mirth overwhelm...

Female TV anchors showing more skin

Bare arms and shorter skirts - Former CNN anchors Kiran Chetry and Judy Woodruff reveal what it takes to be on air.