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Anchors Can039t Stop Laughing at Cloud News Blooper

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News anchors can't stop laughing at what this cloud looks like in this funny news blooper video. #Funny #Blooperl #News Subscribe https://www.yo...

Complex News Anchors Sound Off

Versy is the only place where you can hear Complex News anchors deliver their personal opinions on the most important stories of the day.

KTLA Anchor Forces Female Meteorologist To Cover Her Dress quotWere Get

KTLA meteorologist Liberté Chan appeared shocked over the weekend when morning news anchor Chris Burrous interrupted her weather report to ask her ...

Sports Anchor Drinks Beer Live On Air After Washington Capital Loss New Video

Sports anchor drinks during broadcast after Washington Capitals loss in NHL Playoffs Posted by Andrew

News Anchor Chooses The Worst Time To Do A Dramatic Pause New Video

KHOU Anchor being a bit overdramaticPosted By Abdul

News Be Funny Videos 2016 BEST NEWS BLOOPERS MARCH

Funny videos 2016 best news bloopers. You can’t stop laughing at the funniest news blooper viral videos of the month. Reporter almost hit by car on...

News Anchor

News anchor doesn't know how to react to a subtle yet devastating burn. Ha!

Metal Kitchen 2: For Today Makes A Birthday Cake with Linzey Rae

Check out the latest parody episode of Metal Kitchen featuring For Today Makes a Birthday Cake. The Anchor will be doing a Metal Kitchen video every o...

Ship drops anchor on tug boat

A tug skipper brings his baot alonside a ship due to drop anchor. But the ship drop the anchor straight onto his boat ..... Ooooops !

How not to drop an anchor

Want more? Check this site: or like my FP: How not to drop an anchor