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Egypt football and revolution video World news guardiancouk

Since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, politics has entered every aspect of Egyptian life - even football. This is most evident in the Cairo derby, a game b...

Syrian protesters capture own death on camera

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An internet video from Syria captures the moment the man behind the camera is shot by a sniper. The incident allegedly happened last Friday, when h.....

March to Jerusalem 5June

This is part of the escalating nonviolent movement headed by Palestinian youth activists in the West Bank, Gaza, 1948 territories, refugee camps, and ...

Police Brutality But The People Fought Back240511mp4

not saying its write...not seen this before at football,but there is alot of rebelion just now not getting reported..

Jim Jefferies 2020

Jim shares his vision of the world in 2020 with his imaginary grandson.. From his Alcoholocaust show recorded live in London in 2010..

I am Bradley Manning

Share this video and share your voice: Learn more and get involved: Bradley Manning is th...

Uncertainty Reigns in Bahrain Amid Mix of Normalcy State of Siege

Read the Transcript: After government crackdowns in Bahrain crushed the Arab spring uprising, divisions between Shia and .....

Is Assassination Justice

Phyllis Bennis: Message sent to Arab world was unilateral power, not justice

Yemen One day in the heart of the revolution

Meet the People in Change Square in Sann'a-Yemen, after early morning attack on the square led by the special forces.