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Music & Film by Dean Omori KITCHEN PHILOSOPHY Everybody comes for something Women come best for love The world is filled with people All wanting


Music & Film By Dean Omori

Does it Need Chlorinating Current

To prevent public health it is the most urgent requirement to prevent public health and Nemco takes some serious steps for the same before it is distr...

Former Dolphins Player quotI Was Taking About 1000 Vicodins a Monthquot

​During his seven year career with the Miami Dolphins in the

sunshine threw our windows week 168 sUPEREDS rapman song Current

sUPERED the internet video artist/street performer/film editor billed as the 13th most strangest person on de interent talks about and explains how th...

quotHow to Sell a Banksyquot Official Movie Trailer Banksy's work now reportedly chang...

The Atom

Some things are just too small to bother with, but when did that ever stop anyone? Men that is. It seems they just can't see the bigger picture..

Meghan McCain calls Michele Bachmann quota poor man039s Sarah Palinquot

Rep. Michele Bachmann flunked the history of the Founding Fathers and slavery, and she couldn

Sly Stallone039s Pudding Ron Jeremy039s Rum Most AppetiteCurbing Celeb

Yesterday we questioned the proliferation of celebrity-owned chicken restaurants, with the opening of Flavor Flav

Xbox Live Labels 11YearOld Autistic Boy a quotCheaterquot and Strips Him o

Julius Zdenek is really good at Xbox Live. In fact, up until last week he had 1,500