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Reuters Asks Is the party over for planemakers Video Reuterscom

July 13 - As defence budgets around the world are slashed and airlines struggle with high fuel prices and falling demand, we ask whether the party

Budget crisis keeps veterans home empty

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US budget deal crucial EADS Video Reuterscom

July 9 - Failure to agree a U.S. budget deal could cost defence firms billions in lost sales, warns EADS North America CEO Sean O

Finmeccanica CEO on death threats and anarchist attacks Video Reuterscom

July 9 - Death threats scrawled on the HQ wall, an exec shot by anarchists and a bribery investigation - just three of the items in the inbox for Finm...

There I Fixed It Fireworks on a Budget EPIC FAIL Funny Videos and Epic Fail

epic fail photos - There I Fixed It: Fireworks on a Budget

Nuns on the bus cause a fuss

A group of Roman Catholic Nuns that have been travelling across the US in a bus, have been preaching a message of social justice and campaigning again...

Video Lower Expectations as EU Leaders Begin Summit

Video on How is uncertainty in Europe stalling U.S. markets? Roger Altman, Evercore Partners chairman & founder, and Jared Bernstein, C...

Paxman interviews hapless minister Chloe Smith on Newsnight 26062012 Excruci

Paxman interviews hapless minister Chloe Smith on Newsnight 26.06.2012 - Excruciating to watch

Doctor and medical student interrupt Minister Joe Oliver at press conference

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Video Nuns on the Bus take on Ryan budget

Video on Sister Simone Campbell leads a group of sisters on a mission to preach against the Ryan budget its impact on the poor. MSNBC'...