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Video China welcomes Michelle Obama

Video on The First Lady played ping pong, tried her hand at calligraphy but avoided politics on her visit to China, report CNBC's Euni...

Video Goldman Sachs raises Tesla price target

Video on Goldman Sachs raised its price target on Tesla from $170 - $200. CNBC's Herb Greenberg provides perspective.

Video Food prices jump

Video on The government is saying food prices saw the biggest monthly increase in nearly 2.5 years. CNBC's Jane Wells reports Dean Foo...

Video Putin the Fed amp your money

Video on Discussing whether Russia's economy, other Fed actions or China's slowing matters most to investors' money, with Ma...

Video Microsoft039s Nadella to unveil Office for iPad Report

Video on Microsoft hit a 13 and a half year high on reports the company's CEO Satya Nadella will use his first big press appearance to...

Video Putin remains defiant

Video on Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty today officially making Crimea a part of Russia. CNBC's Steve Sedgwick has t...

Video The 039other039 March madness

Video on With the exception of last year's steady rise, March has been maddening for investors. CNBC's Jeff Cox explains.

Video US needs to reinvest amp reform Expert

Video on Discussing the growth of the U.S. economy and the Fed's forward guidance, with Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University professor o...

Video Pro predicts real incomes will rise

Video on Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly, Fidelity Investments, shares her outlook on the economy, with CNBC's Steve Liesman.

Video 039The Profit039s039 big challenge How not to run a business

Video on Marcus Lemonis, Camping World CEO, and star of CNBC's