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Hold on is this the new Apple iPad 4

Who wants the new iPad? A great new design to beat all other tablet pcs. Plus you can get a free iPad at Do you want, h....

IPhone 4S How Siri Can Help YouFree Offer

You Have great chance of winning Free iphone 4s or ipad2. Our Retailers has some great free offer for you.visit for more info.

Actress Sofia Vergara First Pepsi Commercial

With all the excitement over Sofia's new Diet Pepsi ad, here is a look at the first Pepsi commercial 21 years ago when she was just 17 years old.

Old Navy Presents The Best Tee Ever Infomercial

Listen up, fools. Mr. T and Anna Faris made this infomercial to tell you how Old Navy totally reinvented Best-Tees to be the greatest, most softest, b...

DriveIn featuring Kate Upton Director039s Cut The Southwest Patty Melt a

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Director's Cut - online only :60 version of Drive-In featuring Kate Upton A spicy twist on a classic burger, the new Southwest Patty Melt feat.....

Death Star over Copenhagen

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Death Star over Copenhagen Dødsstjernen over København

Chad Vader Coffee

Get it here: or here: The Blame Society Facebook App:...


Famous Black Republicans commercial for Carolina Stompers

La recette des cupcakes jamais vus au tiramisu by Carte Noire

Gourmands et gourmets, vous avez déjà fondu de plaisir pour les macarons café-chocolat blanc, laissez vous à présent séduire par le deuxième vo...

Six million dollar man coffee commercial

Very strong coffee!