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Video Don039t move without knowing this first

Video on CNBC consumer reporter Kelli Grant offers tips on how to protects what's yours during a move.

Video Driverless car No steering no brakes no problem

Video on CNBC's Phil LeBeau and Jon Linkov, Consumer Reports managing editor for autos, discuss the future of automated cars and what ...

Video Memorial Day travel forecast

Video on If it's nice weather you're going to see a lot of travel on the roads, says Jeff Lenard, National Association of Conveni...

Video Advice for online consumers

Video on EBay says 145 million user records have been breached. consumer reporter Kelli B. Grant, shares two stories, including th...

Video Obamacare insurer safety net

Video on According to new regulations, the federal government is prepared to provide a safety net to bail out insurers and help consumer pr...

Video Economy weighs on retail Pro

Video on Retail stocks took a hit from weaker guidance than expected. CNBC contributor Jan Kniffen shares his opinions on Urban Outfitters&...

Video Consumer spending elsewhere Pro

Video on David Berman of Durban Capital, discusses where consumers are shopping, and why he keeps a close watch on Apple, Samsung and Amazo...

Video Investing in mobile wars

Video on Bubba Murarka, DFJ partner, discusses where he sees investment opportunities in consumer Internet and mobile technology.

Video Driving GM039s flawed ignition switch

Video on CNBC's Phil LeBeau drives a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt, one of 2.6 million GM vehicles recalled for a faulty ignition switch. Wit...

Video The proper way to drink cognac

Video on CNBC consumer reporter Kelli Grant sits down and learns how to properly drink a $3,000 bottle of cognac.