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LiveLeakcom Cop Chokes Out Two Rowdy Spring Breakers

These guys picked the wrong cop to mess with.

LiveLeakcom Humiliation Cop Paints Teenagers that Were Graffiting the Neighb

This Brazilian Cop doesn't mess around...he's gonna get an off-duty promotion soon

How to Tell a Cop to Take a Hike Video

This guy stands his ground and sends the cop on his way.

Guy Owns Cop Trying To Stop Him From Filming Video

This UK cop tried to question a camera man and does not get the response the officer is hoping for.

A day in the life of a cop

CNN's Kyung Lah takes a look at what the average American cop faces on city streets.

LiveLeakcom DUI Road Block Dick Cop

collected by 2 users

At the end the cop jabs me 3 times with his flashlight. I don't drink. I have a wife and 5 kids. Aint no one got time for that.

Rapper Chiddy Bang Escorted Off Stage By Cops DURING CONCERT Celebrity

Cops in South Carolina were not

Video Cop Kicks Cop In The Head Even Tho They039re On The Same Team

the nypd need their own reality series

Cop Fails Trying To Control Stunt Riders Video

Rider tells cop to leave and he does, crazy!