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UPDATE Atlanta Security Guard Let Go RTM Right This Minute

Darien Long has been let go from his job as a security guard at a mall in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Long told RightThisMinute he has tried hard to ma...

LiveLeakcom Dumb cop 1 hangs off a drunk drivers fleeing vehicle

let's go, and is then almost run over by dumb cop #2.

Watch Cops Morons On Parade 6 online Free Hulu

Watch Morons On Parade #6 free online. Stream Cops season 25, episode 12 instantly.

Tyga Cops IMPOUNDED My Lamborghini Celebrity Videos TMZcom

Tyga's Friday night was worse than yours -- the rapper was stripped of his white Lamborghini after it was IMPOUNDED by cops in Los Angeles.

LiveLeakcom Cops teach a kid a tough lesson for spitting on the floor

A teenager spits on the floor in front of a Cop. The Cop reacts by wiping the kid in the spit. Another person, possibly the Father, then slaps the kid...

Watch Cops Stupid Behavior 5 online Free Hulu

Watch Stupid Behavior #5 free online. Stream Cops season 25, episode 11 instantly.

LiveLeakcom Cop rear ends a motorcycle then blames the rider

Happened in Las Vegas, cop rear ends the motorcycle and breaks out the scare tactics (threatens to write tickets) to get out of it.

LiveLeakcom Brazilian cop kills burglar citizen point blank Graphic

Who's to blame, the cop for not trying to arrest the burglar citizen, or the citizen himself for being a burglar? Better if he tried to get a jo....

LiveLeakcom Dayton Cop Doesn039t Know Concealed Carry Law

This cop likes to make up his own laws while on the job. Let the gun laws debate begin.

LiveLeakcom LAPD Execute Man in Street Cleared of Wrongdoing

LAPD employee pulls up to a group of 3 men walking on a sidewalk. One of the men starts running away. Cop shoots man 6 times in the back. The man coll...