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Video SCOTUS rewrites Illinois law

This Cop Needs To Be Fired Video

Cop #2 is super aggressive and outright abusive.

Video Cop On Steroids 17YearOld Learns Why You Should Never Resist Arrest

This cop was harassing me and my friends at a park and kneed him in the head and made threats to us if any of us moved.. I admit he did resist at firs...

LiveLeakcom Video Captures Cop Choking Out Mouthy St Patrick039s Day Kid

There's a lot of wrong in this video, starting with the fact that someone should have pulled Napoleon away from the cop. Whatever the officer i...

LiveLeakcom Cop Drives Backwards on Highway

Cop driving backwards on route 476 in PA

Video Pull Your Azz Over Guy Tries To Pull Over A Cop For Not Wearing Seat Bel

Published on Oct 18, 2012 by savemyrepublic 10-18-12, 12 miles south of Detroit. I have absolutely have had it with our thug Government. I was about t...

Drunk Ghostbuster Arrested for INSANE Cop Car Backflip Celebrity Videos T

An intoxicated dude dressed up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween decided to do a backflip off of a COP CAR! Unfortunately, the cops were NOT amused.

LiveLeakcom Chaos amp Mayhem Peruvian Cops Brutally Beaten To Death

La Victoria, Lima - Peru. Scums hired by lumpen business people beat fallen cops who were trying to evict them from private property. They also bur...

Duran Duran Bassist Pulls BONEHEAD Move in Front of Cop Celebrity Videos

Duran Duran rocker John Taylor must have a pair of BRASS COJONES ... 'cause after the guy was pulled over in L.A. yesterday, he BROKE THE LAW AGA...

LiveLeakcom Citizen Tries To Pull Over A Cop

Last week, close to this area, there was a seat belt sting set up with a cop hiding behind bushes. So this man set out to expose the hypocrisy and tri...