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A day in the life of a cop

CNN's Kyung Lah takes a look at what the average American cop faces on city streets.

Cop buys food for woman stealing eggs

Store owners called police on a woman caught stealing to feed her grandchildren, but a cop responded in a surprising way.

Cop Pulls Over Car For The Wrong Reason Tasers 76 Year Old Driver Twice New

The cop pulled over the car for an expired inspection sticker, however because the vehicle had dealer tags, it was exempt from that requirement. The 7...

LiveLeakcom Cop ignores Caution Wet Floor plate

Cop ignores Caution Wet Floor plate

LiveLeakcom San Francisco Cop Attacks Man for Recording Jails him Overnight

It turns out, Derek Youmans never touched the San Francisco cop who pounced on him at the airport in the video. All he did was offer a handshake be.....

Are police afraid of black men

Civil Rights Atty. Connie Rice talks with CNN about her interviews with hundreds of cops about their fears of Black men.

Texas Cop Tries to Delete Footage of Unlawful Detainment

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Houston police tried to delete footage from a man who video recorded himself getting handcuffed after he was detained for open carrying a firearm Frid...

Badass Attorney Absolutely Humiliates Incompetent Lady Cop

Badass Attorney Absolutely Humiliates Incompetent Lady Cop. Now THAT is a hero.

Cop caught on camera punching woman

Video of a Seattle police officer punching a woman after she kicked him was just released.

LiveLeakcom UK cop harassment fail

UK cop wants to question a camera man and gets told where to go after she grabs the mans camera. Credit: M.Williams