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LiveLeakcom Cops taken off street after jailhouse video shows brutality incid

It’s unbelievably stupid, somewhat comical, violent and just ridiculous. Two cops have been caught on camera assaulting a woman, bashing her head a...

LiveLeakcom Crazy tazed streaker fights with cops

Crazy tazed streaker fights with cops.

Physics Student Owns Cop In Math Video

A cop harrasses a guy about his breathalyzer results but doesn

LiveLeakcom Cop admits he has no radar training as he issues speeding ti

Here's the basic rundown .... Alabama cop hands over a ticket to the driver, for allegedly doing 60mph. The driver asks the cop if he has eviden...

LiveLeakcom Greatest footage I039ve ever seen Walking the beat with Vanc

This was way before the show COPS, and decades before reality tv hit the mainstream. This is footage of Vancouver's famous cop called Whistling ...

Motorcycle Cop Breaking The Law Video

12 year old Jeremy Drew found a police motorcycle parked on the sidewalk, which is against the law. When Jeremy asks for his badge number, the cop ref...

Locked Up For Drinking A Half amp Half Arizona Ice Tea Video

A cop harasses some guys in a store parking lot, and a false arrest is made. Hopefully the cop faced some punishment for his deliberate and unjust ac...

Video Getting Locked Up For Drinking A Half amp Half Arizona Ice Tea

Xstrav and Tino Brown at the ABC Liquor store located in Fayeteville North Carolina waiting for Money Mal to come so that they could purchase some liq...

Russian Cop Falls Head Over Heels For Woman Video

A Russian cop at a gas station asks for a attractive woman

Nappy Roots Rapper The Cops Were RACIST And I039ll Probably SUE C

Ex-Nappy Roots rapper R. Prophet says he was the victim of a RACIST BEATDOWN ... and tells TMZ he's thinking about suing the hell out of the cops...