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Hulu Common Law Odd Couples Watch the full episode now

Video description: When Wes and Travis suspect a crime novelist of helping a criminal mastermind escape prison, they are forced to

Swedish Cops Take Down a Drunkard

Two swedish cops struggle to take down a drunk Guy after he causes nuisance on the streets. It was a tough arrest as at one point the drunkard began f...

Couple Arrested For Asking Directions

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A young couple lost in Baltimore asked a police officer for directions. For doing so they got arrested. At the end where it cut off the female officer...

Police Brutality Mother Tasered While Kids Watch for Using a Cellphone

Police Brutality: How does a law-abiding mom driving home with two kids end up being Tasered, handcuffed and arrested — while her children are left ...

cop arrests fireman

cop arrests fireman update on story:

Bullet to the Head Trailer 1

Bullet to the Head Trailer #1 The first trailer for the big screen adaptation of the graphic novel Bullet to the Head, starring Sylvester Stallone. ...

RCPD Car Burglar

Can you identify this guy? The Rapid City Police Department would like to talk to him about some car burglaries in the Carriage Hills area. If you can...

NYPD Police Officer Shoots Dog Raw Video

NYPD Police Officer shoots a man's dog in the streets of New York City. The pit bull appeared to attack the cops when the officer pulled his gun ...

Bike Thief Gets Owned

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Guy finds stolen bike on Craigslist 160 miles away, sets up home-made sting, confronts the thief and gets his bicycle back, thief gets felony arrest. ...

Chad Johnson 911 Call Released Evelyn Lozada amp Neighbor Calls Cops On Chad

Just two days after Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson got into a domestic dispute over a receipt for a box of condoms, our friends over at TMZ were able ...