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Cop Beats A Man In A Wheelchair Video

A cop faces criminal charges after a man is beaten up in a detox facility in Duluth, Minnesota.

Hudson Cop Rescues Deer Lance Wheeler Video

MUST See! Heroic and compassionate. Police are often asked to perform some unusual and challenging jobs. Hudson Police Officer, Kevin Sweet, got...

Video Facebook bankrolls its own cop

Video on Facebook announced it will pay for a full-time beat cop near its Menlo Park headquarters in California.

Old Cop Gets Down At Mardi Gras CollegeHumor Video

Zac Snyder, we think we found your next Comissioner Gordon. Watch

Bong Prank On The Cops Video

The guys from VitalyzedTV went out and hit a water pipe with tobacco tricking cops into thinking they were smoking weed.

Cops Try To Frame Black Man And Get Caught Video

Marcus Jeter escapes a 5 year prison sentence after the tapes appeared. Now these dirty cops are the ones who are facing charges.

Cop fatally shoots newlymarried fireman

An off-duty cop has been cleared of charges after fatally shooting a firefighter hours after he had gotten married.

Breaking News Opening Tracking Shot

The 7 minute opening tracking shot of the Hong Kong satirical actionfilm Breaking News by Johnnie To. Note: The video is lacking subtitles but basi.....

ABC 2020 Out of Bounds to Catch a Speeding Cop Full

Full version of ABC 20/20 Out of Bounds, to Catch a Speeding Cop segment. Filmed in Raleigh. Local area resident and former Police Officer Ron Carr ...

LiveLeakcom Taxi drives off with cop on hood of car

cop gets taken for a ride on the hood of a car