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Epic Beach Cop Arrest MMA Style with snapshot of Bikini girl

Epic Beach Cop Arrest... MMA Style with snapshot of Bikini girl

LiveLeakcom Cop Chokes Out Two Rowdy Spring Breakers

These guys picked the wrong cop to mess with.

He Ain039t Messin039 Around Cop Manhandles 2 Guys Causing Trouble On Spri

He Ain't Messin' Around: Cop Manhandles 2 Guys Causing Trouble On Spring Break! Cop Manhandles 2 Guys Causing Trouble On Spring Break! Tags:...

LiveLeakcom Great Bails of Dope LONGER Video of the Arizona Cop Chase

Yesterday, an item was posted of a police chase with the culprits tossing bails of weed out the window during a cop car chase in Arizona. Below is.....

GTAV Cops with no headlights use flashlight instead

Awesome attention to detail. Cops use flashlight as headlights. GRAND THEFT AUTO V

LiveLeakcom Maniac climbs up and stomps on occupied police cruiser surrounded

Guy is mad at the cops because there is no power and cops were blocking the road so he decides to stomp on the cruiser.

Caught On Camera Baltimore Cop Punches 19 Year Old Kid In The Face Then Charged

Cell phone video appears to show a city officer trying to move a crowd from in front of a McDonald’s on Howard Street. The police officer is being i...

LiveLeakcom 7 Cops Chase 1 Robber Robber Wins

Game of cat and mouse on the rooftop, but seven or more cops failed to catch this elusive runner ..... what, no guns this time ?

Self Brutality Suspect Accuses Cops Of Assault After Punching Himself In The Fa

The camera outside Tomaszewski’s holding cell captured him punching himself in the face a total of 45 times over the course of four minutes. Cops co...

Armie Hammer Confronts 039Reckless039 Ferrari Driver Cops Called

Armie Hammer and his friends created a Vespa blockade in Venice Sunday ... corralling a Ferrari driver they say was racing down a crowded street .....