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LiveLeakcom Off duty cop kills thief

the cop tried to withdraw money when . the thief came to attack him. He waited the right moment to react.

LiveLeakcom Top Cop

Not all cops are dicks, it's just rare to catch a good cop on camera and even rarer for that person to upload the video to the net. Here is a .....

Bobby Shmurda039s Mom Speaks Out Says quotHe039s Not A Gang Leaderquot

Bobby Shmurda, a rapper on the rise, is behind bars while his hit song was climbing the charts. Shmurda's mother believes cops have it out for he...

LiveLeakcom Drug dealers escape the cops with the aid of a baseball bat

Cops buddy taekwondo kicks out the car window. As a drug arrest is taking place in Busan, Korea the suspect's friend comes to help swinging a bas...

Girl Kidnapped Prank

We kidnapped my sister for her 18th birthday. We ziptied her hands blew an airhorn and dragged her out of her bed at 1am and took her to denny's ...

LiveLeakcom Thug shot down in robbery attempt

Man got some lead intoxication in a robbery attempt. Yes he got it by an off duty cop. Happened here in Brazil . . Remeber, every...

LiveLeakcom Offduty cop kills bandit during gas station robbery

Joinville SC 03/15, 1 bandit killed by off-duty cop.

Minecraft INSANE MASSIVE STRUCTURES Instant Structures Mod Showcase 18 Ship

In this Minecraft version 1.8 Instant Massive Structures Mod Showcase you will find: The Instant Massive Structures Mod gives you the ability to crea....

LiveLeakcom MAN with KNIFE wants COPS to SHOOT HIM gets TAZERED instead

Man was looking for a confrontation with a bunch of cops but a tazer put an end to his mission of suicide by cops.

Apartment Fire Starts From Idiot Using Grill On Balcony

Apartment Fire Starts From Idiot Using Grill On Balcony Apartment Fire Starts From Idiot Using Grill On Balcony ======================================...