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Two Established Television Personalities Penetrate Each Other While People Watch

If Glenn Beck comes on The Daily Show, he'll get a five-pronged chalk holder. Airdate - 01/19/11

Intro Jon039s Name in Arabic The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 011911

Jon's name in Arabic slang means "the taint of a camel." Airdate - 01/19/11

Stewart Takes Sarah Palin To Task For Playing Victim Invites Her To 039The D

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Tuesday night's "Daily Show" began with Jon Stewart saying he had good news, that the victim of the Arizona shooting we've been ke...

Moment of Zen Piers Morgan039s Accents The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Piers Morgan speaks with a few different accents. Airdate - 01/18/11

Stars War The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 011811 Video Clip Comedy Cen

A change in the zodiac calendar makes Jason Jones realize he married the wrong loving wife. Airdate - 01/18/11

Day9 Daily 239 HuK vs NesTea ZvP

Heyo! For this episode, we used a live voting system to create a 'choose your own adventure' feel for the live audience. ; For the archive v...

Moment of Zen AC Slater Rage The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 011311 Vi

An Illinois man goes into a rage over a picture of "Saved by the Bell" character AC Slater Airdate - 01/13/11

Moment of Zen Snooki Describes a Wenis The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 01

Snooki describes a wenis for Matt Lauer. Airdate - 01/12/11

Moment of Zen Denis Goes to Camp The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 011011

Denis Leary appears on "The Jon Stewart Show" in 1994. Airdate - 01/10/11

Day9 Daily 229 Dealing with Insane Games

Ever been in a situation you'll probably never see again? Ever not know how to think in a spot like that? Let's do a game like that then! :D