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Day9 Daily 281 Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 1

In this multi part hardcore analysis, I'm going to drill HARD into some extreme specifics for how to play TvP. I've been slacking on the ter...

Glenn Beck Confirms End Of Fox News Show VIDEO

Glenn Beck confirmed his imminent departure from his daily Fox News program during the start of his Wednesday show. Beck and Fox News announced earlie...

Moment of Zen Robotic TRex The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 040511 Vid

A robotic T. rex freaks out children in Australia. Airdate - 04/05/11

Intro Delayed Answer The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 040511 Video Clip

Often times, Jon answers the audience's questions during the program. Airdate - 04/05/11

039We Are One039 rally at City Hall

Union members gather outside of City Hall as part of the nationwide "We Are One" rallies in support of workers in Wisconsin ...

Moment of Zen Time to Start Laying Pipe The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 04

Representative Ted Poe believes it's time to start laying pipe. Airdate - 04/04/11

Moment of Zen Anthony Weiner Jokes The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 03311

Anthony Weiner makes wiener jokes at the Congressional Correspondents' Dinner. Airdate - 03/31/11

Moment of Zen Barry Bonds on Trial The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 03301

The media reports on riveting testimony about the size and shape of Barry Bonds' private parts. Airdate - 03/30/11

Asking Alexandria If You Can039t Ride Two Horses At Once You Should Get Out

Asking Alexandria performing "If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once You Should Get Out Of The Circus" live on The Daily Habit.

State Workers Welfare Recipients quotWorthless Public TeatSucking Leechesqu

On last night's "The Daily Show", Jon Stewart, in reference to Governor Scott of Florida drug-testing state employees, when he campaign...