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MoveOnAww NPR Executive Resigns The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030911

NPR's top fundraising executive resigns after criticizing Republicans on hidden camera. Airdate - 03/09/11

Daily Show 3911 in 60 Seconds The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030911

An NPR executive criticizes Republicans, and Aaron Eckhart thinks Jon should get a TV show. Airdate - 03/09/11

Moment of Zen Grandchildren Listen to Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg The Daily Show

Grandchildren walk on their pants and listen to Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog. Airdate - 03/09/11

Aaron Eckhart The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030911 Video Clip Comedy

Aaron Eckhart gives aliens the blueprint to fight actors in "Battle: Los Angeles." Airdate - 03/09/11

MoveOnAww Trials Resume for Guantanamo Detainees The Daily Show with Jon St

Liberal homies take a hit when military trials resume for Guantanamo detainees. Airdate - 03/09/11

Indecision 2012 Indecision Edition Reagan OS 911 The Daily Show with Jon S

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Reagan OS 911 grew up the son of a poor adding machine whose grandfather fought in Y2K. Airdate - 03/08/11

Moment of Zen Peter King Expects LeftWing Attacks The Daily Show with Jon S

Peter King knows he's doing the right thing when left-wing groups attack him. Airdate - 03/08/11

Indecision 2012 Indecision Edition Weak Republican Contenders The Daily Sh

The Republican Party still searches for a ringmaster for the presidential nomination in 2012. Airdate - 03/08/11

Daily Show 3811 in 60 Seconds The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030811

Jon welcomes Reagan OS 911 and discusses human-like computers with Brian Christian. Airdate - 03/08/11