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Drunks amazing tumble on CCTV after Savoy awards bash The Sun News

A ROLLING-drunk reveller performs acrobatics as he trips down steps after a celebrity bash at The Savoy.He was thrown out of the theatre awards do, ho...

6811 in 60 Seconds The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 060811 Video Clip

Anthony Weiner apologizes to Bill Clinton, and Larry King talks about his stamina. Airdate - 06/08/11

One Nation Overdrawn Black Community Loyalty The Daily Show with Jon Stewar

Larry Wilmore explains why the black community stays loyal to a Democratic president. Airdate - 06/08/11

Sarah Palin039s Folksy Word Salad The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 06061

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Sarah Palin turns the famous ride of Paul Revere into a folksy word salad. Airdate - 06/06/11

Stewart Roasts Weiner With Apologetic Press Conference Of His Own VIDEO TPM

Jon Stewart staged a mock press conference on The Daily Show Tuesday night, apologizing to his family, friends and viewers for not making more puns ab...

Chest in Show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 060611 Video Clip Comedy

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Anthony Weiner's Twitter scandal officially becomes sad at his press conference. Airdate - 06/06/11

Fareed Zakaria The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 060711 Video Clip Comed

Fareed Zakaria explains how technology and globalization affect the American economy. Airdate - 06/07/11

Day9 Cracks Him Self Up

Day[9] explains what micro is and then proceeds to laugh for minutes on end. Everyone in the chat was speculating that he was high... "Just sayin...