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Crisis in Dairyland Apocalypse Cow The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 03101

Wisconsin Republicans vote without Democrats, and Sam Bee discovers the lavish lifestyle of teachers. Airdate - 03/10/11

Reza Aslan The Colbert Report 31011 Video Clip Comedy Central video - Reza Aslan thinks Peter King

Hulu The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wed Mar 9 2011 Watch the full episod

Video description: Actor Aaron Eckhart discusses defending Los Angeles from aliens in his latest film

Deadliest Snatch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030911 Video Clip Com

Kristen Schaal and Larry Wilmore follow the anti-abortion message by trying to make a black baby. Airdate - 03/09/11

Day9 Daily 267 EGAxslav vs ROOTdestiny PvZ

In this episode, we watch a game between EG's Axlav and ROOT's destiny in a PvZ matchup. We see some interesting forcing from the Zerg in th...

MoveOnAww NPR Executive Resigns The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030911

NPR's top fundraising executive resigns after criticizing Republicans on hidden camera. Airdate - 03/09/11

Daily Show 3911 in 60 Seconds The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030911

An NPR executive criticizes Republicans, and Aaron Eckhart thinks Jon should get a TV show. Airdate - 03/09/11

Moment of Zen Grandchildren Listen to Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg The Daily Show

Grandchildren walk on their pants and listen to Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog. Airdate - 03/09/11

Aaron Eckhart The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 030911 Video Clip Comedy

Aaron Eckhart gives aliens the blueprint to fight actors in "Battle: Los Angeles." Airdate - 03/09/11

MoveOnAww Trials Resume for Guantanamo Detainees The Daily Show with Jon St

Liberal homies take a hit when military trials resume for Guantanamo detainees. Airdate - 03/09/11