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Odyssey Dawn The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 032111 Video Clip Comedy

America names its Libyan combat operation after a Yes album. Airdate - 03/21/11

Hulu The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon Mar 21 2011 Watch the full episo

Video description: Author Sarah Vowell discusses her new book

Moment of Zen America039s Commitment to Democracy and Freedom The Daily S

Past presidents speak for America's cause of democracy and freedom. Airdate - 03/21/11

America039s Freedom Packages The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 032111 V

John Oliver shows how America's freedom packages are tailor-made to each country's situation. Airdate - 03/21/11

Day9 Daily 273 Funday Monday Team Monobattles

In this Funday Monday, we bring back the constraint where every member of your team must publicly announce the single unit type that they will be atta...

Day9 Daily 272 Combating the 4gate in PVP

I'm going to try to hone a build for battling a 4gate in PvP! Go me go me go me!

Day9 Daily 271 TSLAlive vs Huk

In this Daily, Huk is the ENEMY! We're going to be watching things from NOT huk's point of view this time.

Jon Stewart Changes Fox News 911 Responders Bill Opinion

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) explains how Jon Stewart of The Daily Show changed Fox News coverage of a bill to help 9/11 first responders. .....

Day9 Daily 270 A Grubby Special

Hooray grubby! He sent me this replay, so we're going to DO IT :D

Day9 Daily 269 Newbie Tuesday How to get into SC2

If you have StarCraft 2 and haven't been able to get into playing it, or if you beat the campaign but haven't played multiplayer games, or i...