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Girl Meets Bug Ep 2 Giant Fried Scorpion

Daniella Martin, the host of Girl Meets Bug, cooks up another culinary wonder: a fried Emperor Scorpion. For more information on edible insects and th...

How to Have a Healthy Diet with a Busy Schedule How to Develop a Healthy Eatin - Learn how to develop a healthy eating plan including how to develop a plan and stick to it by buying the right foo...

The Brain 1988 Feeding Scene

Great scene from THE BRAIN. It's a shame it hasn't seen the light of digital yet. http://www.myspace...

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Michelle Obama For Eating Ribs

Rush Limbaugh used his radio show today to attack First Lady Michelle Obama for eating ribs while on a ski trip in Colorado.

Midterm Madness The Year In Review VIDEO

Welcome to Election Day, everyone! All year long, we've noted that America is facing a host of difficult choices and tough circumstances.

TDS Chubby Chasers


Eating Roadkill Fox

Louis' third meal in his Roadkill series, eating a dead Fox found on the road. Thanks to everyone who suggested this episodes menu idea. Please ...

Kitten falls asleep while eating

collected by 2 users

One of the three kittens fell asleep while eating his dinner.

Alligator Eats Gar Fish

Alligator Gar Fish eaten by big gator as the monster reptile bites down and swallows the gar fish whole. Alligator caught on film Marina Scarr a wildl...

Texas Another Zombie Attack Man Chases Neighbors While Growling Kills and Ea;_ylt=AoO_P8k1A8_hEYMXBUpkSknzWed_;_ylu=X3oDMTZkZmtjOHZhBGNjb2RlA2dtcH...