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CuteWinFail CanOpening Canine

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This dog doesn't wait for his master to chow down! See a canine take the cover off a can of dog food. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here h...

Nunavut Grocery Prices Insane

A humourous look at the exorbitant prices people pay for groceries in Canada's high arctic.

What Do Bearded Dragons Eat To Live A Healthy Life

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what do bearded dragons eat - - In this video, you will know what do bearded dragons eat to ensure tha...

Video: A fresh start on the farm

Video Super Bowl super binge

Video on CNBC's Jane Wells checks out what football fans will be eating and what they're spending on Super Bowl Sunday.

Video Why is pork so pricey

Video on Bacon prices are at high due to simple supply and demand. More people are eating pork and unfortunately a lack of supply due to pi...

President Obama quotDog Eaterquot the Music Video

DOGEATER Music: Hall & Oates Lyrics: ThirtyTyrants Produced by: @LeninsBarber Sung by: Gary Eaton Video Editing/Production: The Republican Par...


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iTunes: | Amazon: [in a few days] Tweet it! Written by: Julian Smith & Josh Lovell Directed by:...

RAMEN: You039re Eating It Wrong Lessons from Ivan Ramen

If you're dropping big chunks of noodles back into your bowl, you're doing it wrong. Here's how to eat ramen correctly (slurping allowe...