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LiveLeakcom Man dies moments039s after winning eating cockroaches at a bug

Roach-Eating Contest Winner eating the cockroaches moments Before His DeathA South Florida man collapsed and died Friday night after winning a snake i...

Help Me Stop Binge Eating Binge Eater Weight Loss Ideas

Help Me Stop Binge Eating @ A Binge Eater Needs Weight Loss Ideas To Slow Down Her Emotional Eating And Eating Addiction.

How to Eat a Watermelon Tutorial Tom Willett

collected by 4 users I am way behind on answering comments. I have many hundreds of e-mails to get to so it will take awhile. Thanks. This i...

making a sandwich with my feet

collected by 2 users

To answer all of your questions about not having arms

kitten growling

collected by 2 users

Meet Ichi the Killer ... she is very protective of her food - She'll go to any lengths to make sure you don't get any ... even to the point ...

Alpacas trying to eat apples

Alpacas apparently are not the greatest when it comes to eating apples.

Hulu Royal Pains After the Fireworks Watch the full episode now

Video description: Hank and Divya treat a professional competitive eater, as well as a local amateur, who also happens to be Jill

Eat your brains and get your knowledge

movie clip

Freaky Eaters Addicted to Cheesy Potatoes

For more, visit | Meet Kelly, a woman who has survived off cheesy potatoes, or some combination of the ...

Parks and Recreation Aziz Ansari This Is How You Eat It

The best scene on Parks and Rec! Aziz gets his Montel Jordan on :) Hillarious!