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Point Fighting is Bullshit

Master Ken explains why tournament style fighting is no match for Ameri-Do-Te. Music by Kevin MacLeod White Belt: https://www.y...

Fight Comp Of The Month Ep 59 New Video

To submit for our monthly fight compilation, upload your videos through our Camera feature in the Worldstar App! Download here for iOS: ...

Syria039s seemingly endless fight Reuterscom

Amateur video purports to show fighters associated with the Free Syrian Army repelling a government offensive in the fight for control of the city of ...

LiveLeakcom Girls throw hot pots to fight at restaurant

The fight begins with a minor argument over fashion.

LiveLeakcom Halloween Fight Downtown Orlando

little fight I caught on tape.

quotI039m all out of bubble gumquot Move Fight Tribute: Part 2

A music video tribute to 82 movie fight scenes set to "Smack my bitch up" by The Prodigy. Follow me on social media: Facebook http://www.fac...

funeral held for american killed fighting in syria video reuterscom

keith broomfield, a u.s. citizen who died fighting alongside kurdish forces against islamic state militants, is laid to rest. vanessa johnston reports...

Teacher Ends Fight Like a Boss

collected by 2 users You have to give props to this teacher! He manages to easily end this fight before it can even begin.

Don039t Pick A Fight With A Ninja Video

Bully on the subway picks a fight and gets dealt with.