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Snoring Seal is a little strange

this is too funny!

The Jizzlempg

The Jizzle Commercial

Saw this at a bus stop while walking today Thought reddit would dig it Imgur

Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.

The Most Exciting Bad PaidFor Photos Ever

Today, Ellen featured one of her favorite segments: Bad Paid-For Photos -- Live! Not only were these the funniest photos yet -- one woman couldn'...

039The Matrix039 Lobby Scene with A capella Multitrack Matt Mulholland

Complete with sound FX!! ...Guns go "pew pew" right? Original song - 'Spybreak!' by Propellerheads If you like this, let me...

Fail Compilation June 2011

Monthly compilation is here! Hope you'll like it. Don't forget to LIKE/FAVOURITE/SUBSCRIBE this video!:) Our friends:

Carousel Horse Race

Backstory: Like us on Facebook: For our latest miss...

Mom Pick Up President Obama

collected by 3 users

Fairfax, Virgina, September 2010. After a 'backyard' discussion with his host family and their neighbors the President invited the family�...

Drum and Bass Impressive street performer

Impressive street performer - One million views!!

Who Is Lazier Cat Or Fly

I can't decide which one of two is laziest.