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Dam Fun Facts About Beavers

SciShow shares fun facts about nature's greatest engineers: the beaver! --------- Want to learn more about Animal Wonders?

Video NTSB FBI sending investigators to Ukraine

Video on CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports the FBI and NTSB are sending investigators to Ukraine to help with the MH17 crash site probe.

Video Tech Yeah Photo taking gadgets

Video on Mobile photography gadgets help consumers capture great pictures and share moments right on their mobile devices

Take Pictures and Messages with Jibo the First Family Robot

Jibo is a social robot designed to help the family stay connected in the home. He recognizes faces and voice and can help deliver messages to family m...

MyRoll Love Your Gallery

Your gallery should love your photos & videos as much as you do. Hundreds of precious photos & videos are hidden in the endless scroll...

Video Benefits of a financial planner

Video on CNBC Senior Editor at Large Jim Pavia explains why it is important for everyone to have a financial planner. Financial planners ar...

Video Reflections of a billionaire investor

Video on Carl Icahn talks about his dispute with hedge fund manager Bill Ackman and a possible plan to help individuals make sound investme...

Lady with kayak and the denbigh bird club help rescue an osprey from the grips o

Lady with kayak and the denbigh bird club help rescue an osprey that has a clam on his talon

Magic Johnson Crying After Hearing Chicago Student039s Story

Magic Johnson showed his sensitive side in Chicago last Wednesday. The former NBA star was brought to tears by student Hamen Cross, who attends the Ma...

Moore039s Law and The Secret World Of Ones And Zeroes

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SciShow explains how SciShow exists -- and everything else that's ever been made or used on a computer -- by exploring how transistors work toget...