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Video Vote for CNBC039s top 25 business leaders

Video on CNBC's Carl Quintanilla unveils the top 200 nominees for people who helped change and transform the business world, including...

Video Corporate taxes drive jobs outside the US Pro

Video on Laurence Kotlikoff, Boston University economics professor, explains why eliminating corporate income taxes could help higher wages...

Video 039Shark Tank039 contestant039s custom runners

Video on

True Hero Meet Narayanan Krishnan The Indian Man Who Devotes His Life To Helpin

This is a beautiful story and I love how he is a hands on person helping the people to eat.

Video Holstee Helping Detroit one frame at a time

Video on Holstee founder Michael Radparvar discusses how Kickstarter has helped the Brooklyn startup partner up with organizations in Detro...

Latest Technology Google Smart Contact Lens

'Smart contact lens' could help millions with diabetes.These contacts which contain a tiny wireless chip and a sensor that can help measure ...

Did UK help with Golden Temple attack

Did British elite forces help India in its 1984 attack on Sikh extremists in the Golden Temple? Jonathan Mann reports.

Video Ewww Guys In India Drink Cow Urine To Help Prevent Diseases

A small band of Hindu worshippers in India are claiming that drinking fresh cow urine can help cure all diseases - including cancer. Drinking cow urin...

Video Sen Carper Bitcoin has benefits

Video on Senator Thomas Carper, (D-DE), comments on the Senate's unemployment vote and explains where lawmakers stand on bitcoin. &quo...

Video Simple changes to improve corporate culture

Video on Adam Bryant, The New York Times, discusses how having an "adult conversation" with employees can help managers create a ...