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Video How cheaper oil boosts China

Video on Derek Scissors, AEI resident scholar, weighs in on how lower oil prices will likely help the Chinese economy.

The Truth About 039Truth Serum039

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Sodium pentothal, the so-called ‘truth serum,’ is real! But does it work? Find out what ‘truth serums’ do, and how your brain lets you tell li...

Video Survey 79 say gas prices higher

Video on How much will lower gas prices help the consumer and the economy? CNBC's Steve Liesman provides details from the All-America ...

How Dogs Really Listen to Us and How Pufferfish Puff

This week on SciShow News: Animals! New research has found how dogs actually listen to us in more complex ways than you probably thought, and also fig...

Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth To 3 Babies On Beach

Subscribe For More! By - Watch Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth To 3 Babies. - Man Helps Dead Shark Give Birth...

BAHFest West 2014 Matt Inman Jibbers Crabst

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Keynote speaker Matt Inman introduces us to a new deity, enlightening the the San Francisco audience in the process, in the first ever BAHFest West ke...


This video is a good example of respect to all forms of life. A dead shark was washed ashore on the beach when a lady notices something strange. The d...

Video Crowdsourcing sameday delivery

Video on A new same-day delivery service is helping businesses fulfill orders, reports CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

Video WalMart CEO on impact of lower gas prices

Video on Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon tells CNBC that lower gas prices helps consumers, but said many Americans also are dealing with some he...

DIY How To Change Blackberry Trackball Curve Pearl Others

Do It Yourself, Replacing A Blackberry Trackball On The Curve, Pearl And Other Units. Hamrecycling will help anyway to recycle, repair, upgrade or oth...