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Falcons hunting crows POV

Movie cameras mounted on hunting falcons - Eddy De Mol et al. More info [Full text]: Falcons pursue prey using visual motion cues: new perspectives fr...

Video The Completely Blind Hunter

Watch the next Profile by VICE - The Guardian Angel of Guatemala: At 27, Carey McWilliams ...

Jaguar Goes Gator Hunting

Jaguar Goes Gator Hunting

Borat Hunts In Texas

borat hunts in texas

Easter egg hunt reveals decomposing body

A Tennessee woman helping her son hunt for Easter eggs makes a startling discovery in her own backyard. WBIR reports.

More help in missing plane hunt Video Reuterscom

Mar. 17 - International investigators arrive in Malaysia to help in the hunt for airliner missing for more than a week with 239 passengers and crew. P...

LiveLeakcom Orcas Hunt a Pod of Dolphins

Off Vancouver Island Orcas hunt a pod of dolphins.

Japan reacts to critique of dolphin hunt

Could Ambassador Caroline Kennedy's critique of dolphin hunt hurt Japan relations?

Hundreds of dolphins to be killed

Outrage is growing over Japan's annual dolphin hunt. As CNN's Anderson Cooper reports, the images may be hard watch.

LiveLeakcom Moose hunting in Norway

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Moose hunting in Norway.