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Video American bomber gap

Video on A report from Congress suggests the B2 and B52 bombers may become

Video Ray Lane on Google Glass partner 039This is a profound cha

Video on CrowdOptic CEO Jon Fisher and investor Ray Lane talk to Jane Wells about how the company's technology works with Google Glass...

Video Would have to be quite sophisticated missile system Fels

Video on What kind of missile system would have been able to shoot down a jet like the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet, and who has access ...

Video Flying the Boeing crew capsule

Video on Jim May, software engineer for Boeing's Crew Space Transportation Vehicle, the CST-100, explains to Jane Wells inside the cap...

Video Boeing takes on SpaceX

Video on Boeing is taking on Elon Musk's SpaceX in NASA's competition for a crew carrier to the International Space Station. CNBC...

VirginMobileAus is 039Making mobile better039 with Jane Lynch exploring s

@VirginMobileAus is 'Making mobile better' with Jane Lynch by taking a look at some silly things we do with our smartphones (directed by Jef...

Video Lockheed Martin to reduce F35 price

Video on Lockheed Martin plans to reduce the price of its F-35 by 2019, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

Video Making of a hit burger

Video on Lori Estrada, Sr. VP of R&D at Wendy's, shows Jane Wells what went into the making of the chain's hit Pretzel Bacon ...

Video West Coast inflation Price of pot pot roast

Video on Discussing pricing pressures and factors are contributing to the markets really, with Ylan Mui, The Washington Post;

Video Trendy IPAs push hop prices

Video on CNBC's Jane Wells takes a look at how rising hop prices are impacting the cost of beer.