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DeAndre Jordan Asks Kevin Durant Why He Didn039t Join Clippers

Cringe. DeAndre Jordan interrupted Kevin Durant mid-interview to ask why he didn't join The Clippers and awkwardness ensued.

Lil Yachty Keep Sailing Film

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“I was probably the popularest kind on campus, but in the worst way,” Lil Yachty says partway through #KeepSailing, a new film directed by Petra C...

Kevin Hart freaks out over snake during Today show stunt

HE’S one of the funniest men on the planet, but Kevin Hart wasn’t laughing when he came face to face with some native Australian creatures on Toda...

Kevin Durant is Fed Up with Reggie Miller amp Charles Barkley

With Team USA prepping for Olympic competition, Kevin Durant took some time to share his indifference about the criticism involving his decision to jo...

Russell Westbrook Reportedly 039Ticked Off039 at Kevin Durant

We now know how Russell Westbrook feels about Kevin Durant heading to the Warriors and shocker: he's not happy about tit.

Lil B Says Kevin Durant Still Owes Him a 1on1 Game

A Brief History of Now-Ended Lil B Curse on Kevin Durant

Episode 1 MARY GETS PREGNANT Mother Mary

Mary is a 31-year-old mess of a stoner with a crappy job, a disgusting apartment, and in a pretty long dry-spell with guys. So when she wakes up one m...

How a Regular Guy Snuck into the 2016 NBA Draft : League Bound

It's every young athlete's dream to one day play in the pros of their respective sport. I myself was even convinced I would one day be an NB...

Stephen Curry Sends Warning to Warriors Fans

2x NBA MVP Stephen Curry is warning Warriors fans to limit their expectations as the hopes of going undefeated is very unrealistic.

The Secret Life Of Pets Trailer 3 HD Illumination

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The Secret Life Of Pets - Illumination In Theaters July 8 SUBSCRIBE: For their fif...