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Kenneth Cole Rips Teacher039s Unions

Via "The clothing designer [Kenneth Cole] has just launched a new crusade to tie his expensive clothing and shoes line to the elite�...

Video The Outlook on Jobs amp the US Economy

Video on Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary and Steve Moore, Wall Street Journal senior economic writer, discuss Friday's disappoint...

Stocks in biggest weekly fall of 2012 Video Reuterscom

May 04 - A lackluster April employment report sealed Wall Street

Longterm unemployed must retrain add skills Manpower president Video Reut

May 4 - Jonas Prising, president of ManpowerGroup, says those who

MSNBC w Cenk Obama Job Numbers

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC talks about President Obama's speech on the latest jobs numbers.

Video Labor Demand 039Too Darn Weak039 Bernstein

Video on "We are stuck with labor demand that is too darn weak," says Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities. ...

Full Show 5112 May Day Global Day of Action

Thom talks to OWS participants about their roles in today's Global Day of Action. In many parts of the world, today is better known as 'May ...

How Romney Rich Fat Cats are Destroying America

Zaid Jilani, Republic Report, joins Thom Hartmann. Between right-wing think tanks like the American Legislative Exchange Council writing our laws on b...

The Good The Bad and the Very Very Carnificialously Ugly

The Good! *Bob Beckel* You may have heard how comedian Jon Lovitz recently attacked President Obama over his desire for wealthy Americans to pay more ...

May Day Hits Capitalism

So what's the big picture to today's events? Yes, there's enormous wealth inequality. Yes, the economy still isn't producing wealt...