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Scott Walker TV Ad The Subliminal Message played Scott Walker's anti-worker TV ad in reverse. This is what we heard.

Obama Administration Delays Keystone XL Pipeline Approval

Should President Obama approve a major extension of the Keystone XL pipeline? Ray Suarez discusses that question, which has divided business, environm...

Red Dead Rejection The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 110911 Video Clip C

Voters strike down GOP-backed measures in the 2011 off-year election. Airdate - 11/09/11

Lindsey Graham Threatened To Go 039Full Guns ABlazing039 Against Labor Bo

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) threatened a "nasty" spat with the National Labor Relations Board and vowed to go "full guns...

Voter ID Laws Draw Nationwide Protests From NAACP Labor Groups

NEW YORK -- The NAACP is joining with minority and labor groups for a series of protests around the country meant to move discussion of voter identifi...

Exclusive Bill Clinton Extended Interview Pt 3 The Daily Show with Jon Stew

Bill Clinton describes how government and business should work together to generate American jobs. Airdate - 11/08/11

Tom Brokaw The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 110211 Video Clip Comedy Ce

Tom Brokaw believes that public service academies would greatly benefit America. Airdate - 11/02/11

Occupy Oakland General Assembly Approves General Strike by 969 1026

Occupy Oakland GA votes to approve a General Strike by 96.9%. Date yet to be determined. This vote took place on the evening of 10/26/11. OCCUPY EVERY...

Men of a Certain Wage Money Talks The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 110111

John Hodgman explains why the 1% should be celebrated rather than vilified. Airdate - 11/01/11

Kamala039s TestimonySexual Abuse in WalMart039s Supplier in Jordan

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