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Men of a Certain Wage Money Talks The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 110111

John Hodgman explains why the 1% should be celebrated rather than vilified. Airdate - 11/01/11

Kamala039s TestimonySexual Abuse in WalMart039s Supplier in Jordan

For more information and updates, please go to

TipWag Scott Walker039s Gun Freedom amp True North039s Healthcare Bar

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker allows concealed weapons in the State Capitol, and True North lets low-income patients trade their services for health...

Do Women Earn Less Than Men

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Are women discriminated against in the workplace? Looking at the data, women on average earn an annual wage that is approximately 75% that of men, whi...

Qantas Strike 2011 Ends Australian Court Puts Stop To Grounded Fleet Labor Dis

CANBERRA, Australia -- Qantas Airways could begin returning its grounded fleet to the skies as early a Monday after an Australian court intervened in ...

Occupy Wall Street We Are the 99

To stay informed about issues important to working families and the American labor movement, please visit: http://blog.aflci...

Exclusive Andrew Napolitano Extended Interview Pt 3 The Daily Show with Jon

Andrew Napolitano thinks that the people have no obligation to obey unjust laws. Airdate - 10/27/11

Exclusive Hey Remember This Alabama The Colbert Report 20112610 Vi

In this web-only exclusive, Stephen shares with Congress his vast experience spending one day as a migrant farm worker.

ILRCB 1100 Introduction to US Labor History

Nick Salvatore explains how cultural and other influences affected late 19th century politics

Alabama039s Migrant Workers The Colbert Report 20112610 Video Clip

Alabama tries to free up farm jobs that illegal immigrants are taking from Americans, but there