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Video Why Bob Kerrey is best news for Democrats

Video on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to Washington Post columnist EJ Dionne and former Labor Secretary Robert Reic...

Intro 22812 The Colbert Report 20122802 Video Clip Comedy Central

High gas prices could hurt Barack Obama's re-election campaign, the Girl Scouts might have a secret agenda, and Ross Eisenbrey considers labor is...

Mr Smith Goes to the State Legislature Then Later Possibly Washington The C

Ross Eisenbrey believes that everyone -- from interns to college athletes --should be paid for working for someone else's financial benefit.

Mr Smith Goes to the State Legislature Then Later Possibly Washington The C

Indiana Representative Bob Morris comes down on Girl Scouts' radical agenda, and New Hampshire Representative Kyle Jones proposes a bill to elimi...

Hulu The Colbert Report Tue Feb 28 2012 Watch the full episode now

Video description: Employment law expert Ross Eisenbrey discusses labor policy issues with Stephen.

Indecision 2012 Mitt Romney039s amp Rick Santorum039s Michigan Campaig

Mitt Romney connects with empty seats, and Rick Santorum promotes the real American Dream that if you work hard enough, your children can fewer opport...

Video Why a Corporate Tax Cut

Video on Debating whether corporations need a tax cut, with Robert Reich, fmr. Labor Secretary, and Phil Kerpen, Americans for Prosperity.

a Man Repeatedly gets Pepper Sprayed At Disneyland 2202012

a Man Repeatedly Pepper Sprayed During Fight At Disneyland 2.20.2012 see more click here

Video The problem with manufacturing and the campaign

Video on Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich joins Lawrence to talk about how the candidates are manufacturing an illusion about manufactur...

Video Press Release 17 Feb 12 Autoworkers React To Romney Statements On Auto

Autoworkers React To Romney Statements On Auto Loans DETROIT -- UAW members reacted strongly to Mitt Romney's claim that "we should have le...