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Working in the US for 23 centshour

Mike Elk, labor journalist explains how major defense corporations are benefiting from prison labor and undercutting wages for millions in the country...

Video Is America Becoming a Food Stamp Nation

Video on Discussing the rising numbers of Americans receiving government checks, and whether the U.S. is becoming a nation of dependents, w...

Fuck You Tony Abbott

UPDATE: Ever found a song that describes an awful politician perfectly? Send me a message or post it here and I may just make it happen! This video.....

Exclusive Elizabeth Warren Extended Interview Pt 1 The Daily Show with Jon

Elizabeth Warren explains that America

Elizabeth Warren The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 012412 Video Clip Com

Elizabeth Warren considers Mitt Romney


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So we chillin in the labor and delivery room in Aviano Italy AB waiting for my baby boy to be born when the heart monitoring machine kept acting up. W...

Video Ed Lazaer Labor Market Improving

Video on The labor market is improving and there are more quits than layoffs, says Edward Lazear, Stanford University economics professor, ...

Video Mitt Romey039s 15 Tax Rate

Video on Debating whether GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is paying his fair share of taxes, with Robert Reich, fmr Labor Secretar...

Fear Factory The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 011612 Video Clip Comedy

If America wants to compete with China, then it will have to make its factories more like Foxconn

Why Are They Closing St Vincent039s Hospital Pt 29 March Against the H

10/26/11 - The Hedz-Up Report covers Occupy Wall Street's, Healthcare for the 99%, as they lead a "March Against the Health Insurance Indust...