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Meet Michael

This is a brief introduction to the late silverback gorilla, Michael, who grew up with Koko, learned sign language with Koko, painted with Koko, loved...

All The Words In The English Language

There are a lot of Yakko's World videos on YouTube so here's a less popular but equally impressive performance. This is found on Animania.....

The woman language translator

More on If you don't understand women's emotions, you must be a man. Get your Manslator today!! :D

Spelling Matters

Is spelling irrelevant? Is letter placement overrated? We got an email that says it is.

Binary of Babel by Segfault Garden

This is a classical-style demo that uses over 20 different programming languges to create the effects. It reached second place at the main demo compo ...

Linus Torvalds Pronouncing quotLinuxquot Animation

Sound clip from Animation hand-illustrated by me, Tressa Jayne Tullis.

Linux Pronunciation

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, explains how the word should be pronounced. This clip taken from a longer interview from Revolution OS. Buy the D.....

Gables Montesorri Miami before and after school services Doctors TV Network

Gables Montessori 990 S. Le Jeune Road (42nd Avenue) Miami, Florida 33134 Tel. (305) 567-1900 Gables Montess...

Learn Arabic Lebanese Lesson 6 I Want

Learn Arabic or, more specifically, Lebanese through these easy lessons. A few practical sentences translated from english to arabic (lebanese) which ...

The Power of Simple Words

Long, fancy words designed to show off your intelligence and vocabulary are all very well, but they aren't always the best words. In this short, ...