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Millions of Chinese return home for Lunar New Year Video Reuterscom

Millions of Chinese travel far distances to be with family during the week long national annual holiday. Julie Noce reports.

Turk From The Hot Boys Speaks On Suing Birdman For 13 Million In Damages For U

Turk's lawsuit follows as Lil Wayne is also suing Cash Money for $51 million.

US wants to analyze DNA from one million people Video Reuterscom

The U.S. has proposed analyzing genetic information from more than one million American volunteers to learn how genetic variants affect health and dis...

Video MUST SEE World039s Most EXPENSIVE Guitar 1 MILLION Dollars ILPvi

Would you pay $1 million for a new guitar? Fender just introduced such a model at the NAMM show, an iconic Straocaster with 550 diamonds. Jefferson Gr...

Video 5 Million Dollar Private Island ILPvideocom

A budget of $5 million makes this life-changing island dream a reality.

Hey Americans Come Take Our Jobs

However you feel about the 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States, you should know that about one million of them are farm worker...

German train strike strands millions Video Reuterscom

Railway workers across Germany begin a two-day strike, stranding millions of passengers. Yiming Woo reports.

Couple wins 24 million in 5 minutes

A couple from New Hampshire won more than $2 million on a slot machine that hadn't paid out in 20 years.

Damn Man Builds A 2 Million Dollar Multiple Waterfall Pool

This incredible $2 million pool features five colossal waterfalls, a lazy river and a tunnel deep enough for scuba diving.

Video Money Talks 4 Million Job Openings in US Go UNFILLED Because Majority DO

FUll video from The Atlantic available at: Eric Spiegel, President and CEO of Siemen...