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Mitt Romney 2012 OffTheCuff Comments Hurting His Campaign

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney may need a censor. For himself.

Mitt Romney On Ohio Union Fight Former Governor Backpedals Support For AntiUni

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney waded into dangerous territory Tuesday when he swung by an Ohio phone bank rallying to save the state

Jon Stewart Recaps GOP Debate In Las Vegas Goes After Mitt Romney VIDEO

On Tuesday night, seven candidates seeking the GOP nomination for President in 2012 had the eighth debate in this election, and we

Rick Perry039s Debate Nicknames

CNN/GOP Debate - October 18th 2011

Mitt Romney Herman Cain Lead GOP Primary Pack But Public Unsettled On Field P

WASHINGTON — Americans have yet to find a Republican they

A Real Choice

What if we didn't have to choose between the lesser of two evils this year? Donate here: https://tra...

Wayne Newton Says Mitt Romney Won Las Vegas GOP Debate But Endorses Michele Bac

In the spin room after the GOP debate, there was one person to whom everyone turned for his take on who won the night: Wayne Newton. Yes, "Mr. La...

Mitt Romney Forces Awkward Laugh In Exchange With Rick Perry At GOP Debate VIDE

During an exchange with Texas Gov. Rick Perry on the issue of undocumented immigration during Tuesday night