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The Random Test

Try it for yourself - can you be unpredictable? (Listen to instructions - move one square at a time when she says move, and always land on a square.)...

our photog learns some magic mike xxl dance moves celebrity videos tm

our photog caught up with the choreographers who taught all the actors on ‘magic mike xxl’ those sexy stripper moves and they actually show our ph...

The Mechanics of the Film Projector

collected by 3 users

Bill tears apart a film projector to reveal the amazing mechanisms used in the pre-digital age to trick the mind into seeing a moving image. He uses h...

Deep Dreaming Fear amp Loathing in Las Vegas: the Great San Francisco Acid Wav

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Deep neural network hallucinating Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas: how meta is that? Visualizing the internals of a deep net we let it develop furthe...