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Video Bank of America nears settlement Sources

Video on According to sources, Bank of America is nearing a settlement deal with the Department of Justice, with CNBC's Kayla Tausche.

Another attack near UN school in Gaza

At least 10 people were killed and several others wounded in the shelling near a U.N. school in southern Gaza.

Ukraine Mines laid near MH17 site

Ukraine says pro-Russian separatists have laid land mines near the MH17 crash site. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

Video Cramer surprised by Twitter039s growth

Video on Shares of Twitter are surging and nearing its best day since its IPO day. Insight, with the

Video Death on the highway

Video on The truck collision that injured Tracy Morgan and the fatal Fedex crash with a bus in California grab the nation's attention ...

Almost 11pm at a 711 near Disney World 2014

27 years after we made a fun video in a 7-11 near Disney World around 2:30am, we went back. The same exact 7-11. This time it's almost 11pm. W...

Concordia nears final port of call Video Reuterscom

Wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia nears the end of its final journey to a port near Genoa to be scrapped. Paul Chapman reports

Wildfire near Sacramento spreads to 1300 acres Video Reuterscom

A fast-moving California wildfire near Sacramento explodes from just 30 acres to 1,300, prompting quick evacuations by nervous residents. Mana Rabiee ...

Russian officials MH17 was near warplane

Russian officials purported that a Ukrainian warplane was near MH17 before it was shot down. Diana Magnay reports.

Video Fighting erupts in Ukraine

Video on NBC's Keir Simmons reports of fighting near a railway station in east Ukraine's Donetsk as crash investigators arrive.