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Top 10 Freaky Audiologs in Video Games

Video game developers and studios often use scary and creepy audiologs to freak out gamers! Audiologs can be great plot devices for providing backsto...

Top 10 Most Hilarious Pixar Moments

Pixar has given us some truly heartwarming scenes, but has also provided countless laugh-out-loud moments. Welcome to and today we’re ...

Gucci Mane Teases OutKast Collaboration

Gucci Mane revealed he has a collaboration with OutKast in the works.

The Story Behind Michael Jordan039s Banned Sneakers

As the "Banned" Air Jordan 1 gears up to hit retailers, our very own sneaker department provided a detail account of why MJ's shoes wer...

Lauryn Hill Adds Nas Kehlani Noname Little Simz On Tour

Lauryn Hill added some big names to her tour in the form of Nas, Kehlani, Noname, and Little Simz.

Did Colin Kaepernick Diss Police During Training Camp

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is now facing additional heat, but not for his protest of the anthem, but for the socks he wore durin...

Kim Jongun Reportedly Executes Deputy For Sitting 039Disrespectfully039

Kim Jong-un reportedly sent two other officials to re-education camps.

SNAPPED Inside The Southern Right Whale Migration

THIS is the breathtaking moment 80 tonne Southern Right Whales engage with scuba divers during their yearly migration through South Africa. Diving tou...

Netflix Reveals Details About 039Stranger Things039 Season 2

YESSSSS. Netlfix has confirmed there will be a season 2 for 'Stranger Things" and will have revealed some plot details.

Top 10 Movies Where The Lead Character is Dead

This is a list of the best dead movie characters. Main characters who are deceased. This can include ghosts, zombies, angels, and other undead featuri...