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SNAPPED Inside The Southern Right Whale Migration

THIS is the breathtaking moment 80 tonne Southern Right Whales engage with scuba divers during their yearly migration through South Africa. Diving tou...

Netflix Reveals Details About 039Stranger Things039 Season 2

YESSSSS. Netlfix has confirmed there will be a season 2 for 'Stranger Things" and will have revealed some plot details.

Top 10 Movies Where The Lead Character is Dead

This is a list of the best dead movie characters. Main characters who are deceased. This can include ghosts, zombies, angels, and other undead featuri...

Top 10 Awesome Retro Style Video Games

Check out this retro video games list, showing the best retro style games and games that are like arcade games. Video games such as Retro City Rampage...

Teenager Dies From a Hickey His Girlfriend Gave Him

An unlucky teen in Mexico who got hot and heavy with his girlfriend died from a hickey she gave him, reported Mexico's Info Noticias.

Top 10 Keyboard and Synth Parts in Rock

The great keyboard riffs of the 60s and 70s make an appearance on this list. Beginning with late 70s music and reaching prominence with 80s music and ...

VMAs React to Young Thug039s Album Art

Complex News anchor Nadeska Alexis took to the 2016 VMAs white carpet to ask people what they thought about Young Thug's album artwork for his la...

Big Sean Hits Up Jay Z and Rick Rubin to Finish Fourth Studio Album

Big Sean reveals over social media that he's been working with two of the biggest names in hip-hop to finish his upcoming album.

Top 10 PG Movies That Should Have Been Rated R

No film can cater to all audiences, and most shouldn’t even try. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for ...

Top 10 Movie Heroes Who Kill More than the Villains Do

Who says you can’t be a hero AND bathe in the blood of your enemies?  Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our pick...