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UK royal protection officer arrested

An officer that protects Britain's royal household was arrested Thursday on suspicion of illegally stashing ammunition.

LiveLeakcom HatchetWielding Man Attacks NYPD Cops CCTV Footage

NYPD have released CCTV footage of the alleged homeless person wielding an attack on NYPD police officers. The officers were just beneath the camera ...

LiveLeakcom Police Officer Hit by ATV

Russia: A person on an ATV made a few laps around police, who where there issuing citations, when he decided to ram a police officer with the ATV. Th...

LiveLeakcom NYPD Cop Kicks Fellow Officer in the Head

Video has emerged of an undercover NYPD officer accidentally kicking a uniformed cop while both are trying to handcuff a suspected farebeater. The.....

Video shows ax attack on NYPD officers

Surveillance video shows a man charging at four New York Police officers with a hatchet. CNN's Jim Sciutto has more.

Diosa offical music video Marilyn Marilyn feat Kal

Diosa releases her hit single Marilyn Marilyn featuring Kalenna Harper (Kdiddybop)....the offical music video! 1029 Music Group presents Diosa..

Police Officer Direct Traffic While Dancing To Michael Jackson 039Billie Jean

This officer shows no matter what job your doing you can have fun doing it. Jose Ruben Echeverria who was controlling traffic on a busy street impress...

Video One alleged shooter dead in Ottawa attacks CBC

Video on Gunfire erupts as law enforcement officers sweep an Ottawa parliament building, depicted in video from a 'Globe and Mail'...

Nexity Ouvre Ses 5 Premiers Blue Office En leDeFrance

Basé sur un bénéfice réciproque pour l’entreprise comme pour le salarié, le réseau Blue Office est la réponse immédiate aux exigences de ré...

Citizen pulls over warns police officer

Gavin Seim filmed his exchange with a police officer in an unmarked car.