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Attorney Darren Wilson039s career is over

Attorney Neil Bruntrager tells Erin Burnett he doesn't see any way his client, Darren Wilson, can remain a police officer.

Video LAPD Officer Explains How Football United A Community

LAPD officer, Grant Goosby, describes how football has united a community.

Photos show Ferguson police officer after Brown shooting Video Reuterscom

St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office photos show Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson shortly after the August 9, 2014 shooting of Mic...

Officer Wilson039s side of the story

Officer Darren Wilson's full testimony to the grand jury was released to the public, revealing his account of the events.

No trial for officer in Ferguson shooting Video Reuterscom

A grand jury decides the white police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager in Missouri will not face trial. Paul Chapman reports

Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Officer Darren Wilson In Shooting Death of Mich

In an annoucement made just minutes ago, the St. Louis Grand Jury has decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Bro...

Will Ferguson officer be indicted

A "Daily Beast" columnist says it's unlikely Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Video Corrections Officer Get No Love By Ferguson Protesters Either

Protesters confronted a corrections officer in a parking garage in St. Louis County in Missouri because they though she was a police officer. The inci...

Ferguson officer Wilson in talks to resign

As a grand jury decision nears, sources tell CNN's Evan Perez that Ferguson officer Darren Wilson is in talks to resign.

Officer Darren Wilson to resign

Negotiations are under way for Officer Darren Wilson to resign from the Ferguson Police Department. Evan Perez has more.