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Sharknado causes Twitter twister

The Lead's Jake Tapper talks the phenomenon that is Sharknado.

Powerful lines theatrics used in court

CNN's Martin Savidge shares key moments from the defense's closing and prosecution's rebuttal in the Zimmerman case.

60 thousand honeybees invade home

A massive bee colony is discovered and removed at a home In Westfield, New Jersey.

787 Dreamliner catches fire

Richard Quest shares his insights on the possible causes of the fire on the empty Boeing 787 at Heathrow Airport.

Taiwan rainfall warnings

Samantha Mohr updates us with the latest on Typhoon Soulik and tells us what we should expect to happen next.

Watch Hollywood Game Night The One With the Friends online Free Hulu

Watch The One With the Friends free online. Stream Hollywood Game Night season 1, episode 1 instantly.

Watch Summer Camp Welcome to Summer Camp online Free Hulu

Watch Welcome to Summer Camp free online. Stream Summer Camp season 1, episode 1 instantly.

Watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thu Jul 11 2013 online Free Hulu

Watch Thu, Jul 11, 2013 free online. Stream Late Night with Jimmy Fallon season 2, episode 863 instantly.

Stock market highs global worries amp other headlines affecting your money

Christine Romans and Richard Quest discuss headwinds coming from Europe and China, and how the U.S. will be impacted.

Obamacare punt Delay or death knell

We know Obamacare's employer mandate has been delayed. What remains to be seen is how the law will affect jobs, if at all. Christine Romans asks...