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A tragic past turns into positive action

"April" was sexually abused, trafficked and exploited as a child. But she turned a painful past into positive action.

How your phone can measure temperature

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout finds out how your smartphone can crowdsource weather data.

Expert Egypt aid linked to Israel

A look repercussions the future for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and beyond.

Nicklaus Tiger will break my record

18-time Major winner Jack Nicklaus says Tiger Woods will stay competitive into his 40s.

Bradley Manning I want to be a woman

WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning wants to seek hormone therapy and live as a woman named Chelsea.

Raising the Costa Concordia

The 114 thousand ton cruise ship has been in the water since it hit a rock off the coast of Italy last year, claiming 32.

Woman hailed as hero

Chris Voss, a former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator weighs in on the call.

Woman dies week after shark attack

Researchers want to study the rise is shark attacks in Maui after a tourist died one week after she suffered one there.

NSA accused of illegal surveillance

Declassified docs reveal the NSA collected thousands of communications by Americans that were unrelated to terrorism.

Sen McCain on NSA leaker amp oversight

Sen. John McCain: "Mr. Snowden violated his oath of office."