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Filner recall

San Diego's embattled mayor is refuding to step down. He's now asking taxpayers to foot the bill for his legal battle.

Manning not guilty of aiding enemy

Pfc. Bradley Manning is acquitted of aiding the enemy, but found guilty of other charges in the WikiLeaks case.

Age of Champions

CNN's Dr Gupta talks with the producer and director of "Age of Champions," a documentary about the National Senior Games

Cara Santa Maria debunks tornado myths

Scientist and TV personality Cara Santa Maria tells CNN's George Stroumboulopoulos about debunking myths about tornadoes.

Snoop Lion explains name change

Snoop Lion tells Strombo why he changed his name from Snoop Dogg, and explained that he'll always be Snoop Dogg.

Lesbian seeks spousal privilege in wife039s murder trial

CNN's John Berman talks with his panel about a landmark case where gay rights will be front and center.

Inmate catches officers by surprise

An inmate at an Arkansas booking center made a daring escape.

Award of the Day Grumpy Cat

CNN's John Berman awards Grumpy Cat the "I might be mad, but at least I'm not sexting" award.

ARod verdict looms amp Brewers give back

Reports say Alex Rodriguez plans to fight a MLB ban, and the Brewers are giving back to fans due to Ryan Braun's ban.

Summer song heats up the charts

CNN's Carol Costello talks with CNN's Nischelle Turner about the controversy coming from Robin Thicke's chart topper.