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Daredevil walks between hot air balloons

A daredevil in China earned a spot in Guinness World Records for walking between two hot air balloons.

Girl dies after biting into treat at camp

A teenager in Sacramento, California, died on the final day of summer camp after biting into a peanut butter treat.

Home sweet housing market

If you've been eyeing a dream home, you should know the current housing market is pretty dreamy as well. Christine Romans explains why an uptick...

039Sharknado039 movie inspires swimwear

SyFy's surprise summer hit 'Sharknado' has inspired a new line of swimwear dubbed the 'sharkini.'

Great white shark mission in 039Jaws039 area

Researchers are attempting to tag and release 20 great white sharks in the water off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

EADS reports profit jump name change

European aerospace giant EADS reported a 14% jump in profits for Q2. EADS is changing its name to Airbus.

TSA investigation

Allegation of rampant misconduct at the TSA, the Agency supposed to be keeping you safe in the sky.

Student drank urine to survive DEA cell

A college student was awarded $4.1 million in a settlement suit after he was forgotten inside a DEA cell for five days.

Denzel Washington going back to Broadway

Actor Denzel Washington tells New Day that he plans to return to Broadway in Spring 2014.

Life from the view of a polar bear

Researchers at the Oregon Zoo mounted a camera to a collar on a polar bear so they can track her movements and habits.