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Sen US should reconsider aid to Egypt

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) California says the U.S. should reconsider its military aid to Egypt.

Feinstein San Diego Mayor should resign

Sen. Feinstein said Sunday that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, embroiled over a sexual harassment scandal, should resign.

Officers save man from burning vehicle

Deputies pulled a man from a burning minivan after he suffered a medical emergency and crashed.

Getting to know Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein talks to Candy Crowley about her time as the mayor of San Francisco and her favorite wines.

George Zimmerman got away with murder

Eric Fisher and CNN Legal Analyst, Paul Callan spoke with Poppy Harlow about the comments from Juror B29.

Jack Lew on a Fed nominee and Spitzer

Treasury Secy. Jack Law weighs in on who will replace Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and what he thinks of Elliot Spitzer in NYC.

Treasury Secy Jack Lew on CNN part one

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew sits down with Candy Crowley to discuss the economy, and the President's second term agenda.

Watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Fri Jul 26 2013 online Free Hulu

Watch Fri, Jul 26, 2013 free online. Stream The Tonight Show with Jay Leno season 21, episode 4504 instantly.

EBlock for Entertainment

Kendra Gilliams and Jimmy Alexander spoke with Poppy Harlow about entertainment updates.

Accusations after Egypt deaths

A war of words emerges in Egypt with both sides blaming the other for deadly clashes. CNN's Reza Sayah has more.