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Cannes hit by another jewel heist

Thief walked away with 53 million dollars worth of jewels from a swanky hotel on the French Riviera.

Mideast Peace Talks Washington

Peace talks set to begin tonight in Washington between top Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Getting clean water to small communities

Face Africa founder Saran Kaba Jones talks about her efforts to provide clean drinking water for rural Liberia.

Longboard riders move into District Six

Errol Barnett visits District Six in Cape Town to find out why longboard riders are moving back into the deserted area.

Cannes Jewel Heist

Armed robber walked into a jewelry exhibition in Cannes on Sunday, and left with millions of dollars in stolen jewels.

Bridal Party Boat

Authorities in New York believe they have found the body of a man set to be the best man at a wedding.

Revelations a setback for Weiner

CNN's Pamela Brown talks to Washington Post Columnist Sally Quinn about the latest revelations against Anthony Weiner.

New Day039s Morning Minute

CNN's Michaela Pereira has a look at the top news stories that you need to know.

Calls to boycott Winter Olympics

CNN's Pamela Brown talks to the Co-Founder of about recent calls to boycott the Winter Olympics.

The future of global mapping

Mapping is said to be worth more than $150 billion a year, but many countries have yet to take the plunge.