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Juror 039Zimmerman got away with murder039

CNN contributor Mark NeJame talks about Juror B29's comments about the George Zimmerman trial.

Expert Speed may not be only factor

CNN's Jonathan Mann speaks with train expert George Bibel about the factors that can cause a train derailment.

Assassination sparks protests in Tunisia

The assassination of an opposition leader in Tunisia has many in the streets wondering if the government was behind it.

Heat rising in Cairo

CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman about the situation in Egypt.

Amazon earnings under the microcope

CNN's Maggie Lake speaks with financial expert Colin Gillis about mega-retailer's earnings report.

Iranian insider on country039s new leader

CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with Seyed Houssein Mousavian, and Iranian insider close to President-Elect Rouhani.

Will charges against SAC Capital stick

Legal expert Richard E. Farley explains the charges brought against SAC Capital and what they mean for CEO Steve Cohen.

Bryan Cranston039s quotBreaking Badquot tattoo

Bryan Cranston's "Breaking Bad" tattoo, Cate Blanchett on "Blue Jasmine," and JFK is Rob Lowe's hero!

Welcome to almost the center of Earth

It's supposed to be a line that divides the Earth's north and south, but Rafael Romo tells us it's not quite accurate.

Political star at center of murder trial

Once Chinese politician Bo Xilai could do no wrong. Now he's at the center of a murder trial. David McKenzie reports.