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Education reform in Pakistan

Sir Michael Barber speaks to CNN's Richard Quest about education reform in Pakistan

2009 Children in Pakistan at risk

In 2009, children in Peshawar, Pakistan, were reported to be at risk of becoming more polarized and radical.

Gunmen storm school in Pakistan

Taliban gunmen open fire in school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

A straight line without hitting land from Pakistan to Russia

The longest straight line only touching water, just under 20,000 miles. You could sail in a straight line from Pakistan to Russia.

LiveLeakcom Pakistan Earthquake CCTV Footage Inside Supermarket

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CCTV Cameras capture footage of the earthquake in Pakistan .... A powerful earthquake of 7.8-magnitude has struck a remote area of south-west Paki...

Floods ravage parts of India Pakistan

Rescue efforts are under way in flood-ravaged parts of India and Pakistan. CNN producer Sophia Saifi reports.

12 million hit by Pakistan India floods

CNN meteorologist Tom Sater reports on rescue efforts in India and Pakistan after massive flooding.

Flooding death toll rise in South Asia

Hundreds have been killed in flooding from intense monsoon rains across India and Pakistan. CNN's Ravi Agrawal reports.

Deadly floods hit Asia

CNN's Mari Ramos looks at the torrential storms that have hit India and Pakistan.