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Vast Majority Of Americans Favor Buffett Rule039s Millionaire Tax Poll

Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they support President Barack Obamas proposal to tax households making $1 million or more at the same or higher...

Nicki Minaj Wears A Fried Chicken Necklace PHOTOS POLL

Nicki Minaj has done it again... and by "again" we mean that she

Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll Ahead Of 2012

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain came out on top in the Florida straw poll on Saturday.

Mitt Romney Running Ahead Of Rick Perry In New Hampshire Poll

By STEVE PEOPLES, ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP) EXETER, N.H. -- Mitt Romney may be tightening his grip on New Hampshire voters, despite tremendous buzz surrou...

On Evolution And Climate Change Evangelicals Stand Apart According To Poll

By Lauren MarkoeReligion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS) White evangelicals and Tea Party members are less likely to believe in evolution and climate ch...

Elle Fanning Wears Grandma Glasses PHOTOS POLL

Given that she

Hurricane Irene Was Media Coverage Overhyped VIDEO POLL

With Hurricane Irene in the rearview mirror, the media is playing its favorite game: examining its own coverage. Seemingly the entire press gave the w...

Rachel Maddow Trashes Ames Straw Poll VIDEO

Rachel Maddow trashed the Iowa Straw poll on Monday show, calling it a "racket" and a "paid-to-vote rigged bingo game." The MSNBC ...

Do you live in Iowa Do you support Ron Paul Get voters from Iowa to go to the Ames Straw Poll and vote for Ron Paul! ...

Hancock Leads By 10 Points In New Mayoral Poll

In a new poll conducted by telephone, City Councilman Michael Hancock is leading opponent Chris Romer in the race to be Denver