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Video What makes 039Box039 IPO so hot

Video on Box Inc. is open for trading. CNBC's Bob Pisani reports the stock opened at $21.20 after pricing at $14.00.

Video Saudi King Abdullah dies at 90

Video on NBC's Richard Engel reports on the transition that is on the way in Saudi Arabia following the death of King Abdullah.

Video Rum cigars amp Cuba

Video on CNBC's Eamon Javers reports new rules say U.S. travelers can bring back $100 worth of tobacco or alcohol, and a total of $400...

Video Crude inventories up 101 million barrels

Video on CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports the last week's crude oil inventory data.

Video Nat gas inventories down 216 BCF

Video on CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports the latest data on natural gas inventories.

Video CNBCcom hot list 039Sorry039 I lost your money

Video on Managing Editor Allen Wastler reports a hedge fund apology, and Jamie Dimon and

Video Harold Hamm unloads Hiland for 3 billion

Video on Kinder Morgan is buying Hiland from Harold Hamm for $3 billion, reports CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

Video Obama to reduce FHA mortgage premiums

Video on President Obama will announce a reduction in FHA mortgage insurance premiums, reports CNBC's Diana Olick.

Video Tobacco up nearly 6 this year

Video on CNBC's Morgan Brennan reports on the positive moves in tobacco stocks.

Video Still hiding money under pillow Here is a solution

Video on CNBC's Jennifer Barrett reports on a financial advisors' solution to address every couple's worst fear: creating a ...