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World leaders weigh options in Syria

World leaders consider response to reports of chemical weapons use in Syria. CNN's Mathew Chance reports.

Video US military action in Syria

Video on The White House is considering military action after reports surfaced the Syrian government used chemical weapons, reports CNBC�...

The state of MLK039s 039dream039

Prof. Cornel West says the Obama administration has betrayed "the dream" by not focusing on three specific issues.

Video For Sale Inside Celine Dion039s extravagant FL mansion

Video on If you ever wanted to live in a 13-bedroom home where you closest neighbors would be Kid Rock and Michael Jordan, than this mansio...

IDF Palestinians clash in refugee camp

Israeli security forces opened fire in the Palestinian refugee camp of Qalandiya. CNN's Jim Clancy reports.

Happy Birthday Michaela

Friends from Los Angeles and "New Day" wish Michaela a very happy birthday.

Living the glutenfree lifestyle

What started as a food solution for those with celiac disease is now a nationwide craze. Brianna Keilar reports.

Video Giant wildfire burns 15000 acres

Video on CNBC's Scott Cohn reports the latest details on a raging wildfire that is threatening San Francisco utilities and spreading t...

HLN host Arias should plead insanity

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell talks about the upcoming retrial of the sentencing phase in the Jodi Arias saga.

News Blooper Reporter Not Ready Video

A reporter isn