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9th woman accuses San Diego mayor

A 9th woman has come forward, accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.

ProMorsy protesters defy order to leave

CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with Francis Matthew about what he considers the vacuum of leadership in the region.

CNN Preview Elvis amp Muscle Shoals

In this week's CNN Preview, Becky Anderson takes a look at Elvis' album outtakes and the music of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Les Gold hits the streets of New York

It's finally here! Learn how to negotiate like a pawnbroker as the star of truTV's "Hardcore Pawn" and Christine Romans haggle wit...

Wage war

This week fast-food workers walked off the job to protests the pay they say amounts to "poverty wages," as the income gap widens is the war ...

Does 039slacktivism039 accomplish anything

Some call the boycott of Russian vodka the latest example of "slacktivism." How much impact do such efforts have?

Professor linked to his family039s murder

In 1967 a 15 year old boy killed his family. Fast forward to today, he is a respected college professor.

Albright talks about the role of women

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux spoke with a candid Madeleine Albright.

US issues worldwide travel alert

CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks with her panel about possible terror attacks.

Video Stocks hold up despite weak jobs report

Video on Today's jobs report was disappointing with less than expected numbers. CNBC's Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli discuss wh...