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Hottest Job in Football

Richard Branson's transatlantic airline, Virgin Atlantic and Adam Schefter, football reporter and television analyst, are on the hunt for someone...

Video Wearable tech The battle begins

Video on What is to come out of the wearable tech market? Intel CEO says in regards to units, the wearable market could be 10 times as big ...

Digg Videos Stephen Colbert explains how the government is

Stephen Colbert explains how the government is like Breaking Bad.

Video Flipping the Madoff039s penthouse

Video on The couple who bought the luxury apartment three years ago are hoping to make twice what they paid for it, reports CNBC's Rob...

Video Houston we have a shutdown

Video on NASA is one of the hardest hit departments from the government shutdown, reports CNBC's Scott Cohn.

Video Shutdown Let the fingerpointing begin

Video on CNBC's John Harwood reports on how long the government shutdown will likely last as the blame game begins in Washington.

Video Exchanges open for business

Video on Health insurance market places are open for enrollment but not without a great deal of confusion, reports CNBC's Bertha Coomb...

Video Nearly all NASA employees facing furlough

Video on Only six-percent of Johnson Space Center employees are cleared for work, reports Scott Cohn, with the details on how the governmen...

Video Shutdown could turn off data spigot

Video on If the government shutdown continues, the Labor Department will not release Friday's jobs numbers and no data will be coming ...

Video Government shutdown039s 039big bang039 solution

Video on Many on Capitol Hill are hoping the shutdown will be short-lived and force a solution on the debt limit and funding, reports CNBC&...