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Does Bo Xilai039s trial matter in China

Jiangnan Zhu of the University of Hong Kong discusses how much Bo Xilai's trial matters to ordinary people in China.

Are ecigarettes bad for your health

Professor Neal Benowitz discusses the health risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Bookkeeper calls 911 talks down shooter

Georgia school bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff called 911 and relayed the happenings to police as a gunman surrendered

Should teachers be armed

CNN's Jake Tapper and Crossfire co-hosts S.E. Cupp and Van Jones discuss whether teachers should carry guns in schools.

Dad of Audrie Pott No one stepped up

The family of Audrie Pott speaks with Piers Morgan, explaining the circumstances that led to her suicide

Reports of a new chemical attack in Syria

New reports out of Syria of a chemical attack that may have already claimed hundreds of lives. Arwa Damon has the latest

New outrage in the Hannah Anderson case

James DiMaggio's family wants DNA samples from Hannah Anderson, alleging he may be her father.

Unauthorized film shot at Disney World

"Escape From Tomorrow" was secretly shot inside Disney World with cameramen hidden in the crowd and park guests unaware.

Shooting suspects pose with guns cash

A Vine video shows one of the teens accused of killing an Australian baseball player posing with a shotgun.

NSA violating surveillance laws

The NSA accidentally gathered thousands of emails from 2008-2011. CNN's Jake Tapper and Evan Perez report.