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What NATO needs to do about Russia

John Vause speaks to the ex-U.S. ambassador to NATO on what NATO needs to do about the Russia and Ukraine crisis.

Confusion as Ukraine and Russia announce progress towards peace Video Reuter

Ukraine and Russia send conflicting statements over a possible ceasefire, sowing confusion over the Ukraine conflict on the eve of a NATO summit. Mana...

Video Global hot spots

Video on Ukraine and Russia seem to be moving the markets today after confusion over reports of a cease-fire, with CNBC's Michelle Car...

Video Ukraine retracts ceasefire

Video on Both Ukraine and Russia are backing away from an earlier announcement that a cease-fire had been reached. NBC's Jim Maceda re...

Ceasefire agreement in Ukraine

There are conflicting reports that a ceasefire has been reached between Ukraine and Russia. CNN's Reza Sayah reports.

LiveLeakcom Russia Today gets trolled LIVE by crazyeyed lady

Russia Today gets trolled LIVE by crazy-eyed lady

Video Futures Now Euro hits 1year low

Video on The Futures Now team discusses whether the turmoil in Russia and Ukraine has anything to do with the low level in the euro.

039Point of no return039 in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine is ratcheting up as Russian troops enter the country by the thousands.

Russia and Ukraine close to 039point of no return039 EU Video Reuters

The presidents of the European Commission and Ukraine warn Russia against escalating the conflict in eastern Ukraine, saying it is close to reaching t...