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US Can039t rule out Russian involvement

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Powers lays out evidence that pro-Russian rebels may have shot down Malaysian flight MH17.

Video Merkel Russia responsible for Ukraine

Video on CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel places the blame squarely on Vladimir Putin and Russi...

Video Rebels probably shot down flight MH17 Expert

Video on Larry Korb, Center for American Progress, shares insight on the geopolitical unrest in Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East.

Video Ratchet up investigation before evidence is stolen Richa

Video on A broad coalition is needed to investigate the crash of Malaysian flight MH17, says Former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, and t...

Video Markets had Russia wrong Expert

Video on Paul Christopher, Wells Fargo Advisers, and David Gordon, Eurasia Group chairman, provide perspective on the impact of additional ...

Video Raising the stakes on Russia

Video on CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, and Jack Farchy, Financial Times, discuss the implications of rising geopolitical tensions be...

Ukraine PM Bring 039bastards039 to justice

Accusations are brewing as the investigation begins into the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17.

Video UkraineRussia blame game

Video on Retired U.S. Army Col. Jack Jacobs, and Matthew Rojansky, The Wilson Center Russia program, share insight on the events surroundin...

Clinton It had to be Russian insurgents

Hillary Clinton weighs in on the latest details of Malaysia Flight 17 being shot down along the Ukraine-Russia border.

Video RussiaUkraine finger pointing battle

Video on One day after President Obama announced new western sanctions against Russia, the finger pointing between Ukraine and Russia conti...