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Eastern Ukraine faces uncertain future

After successful election campaigns in the east, Ukrainian rebel leaders now search for peace. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

039This represents the best in Russia039

CNN goes inside a Russian debutante ball in London, where young men and woman from across Europe can meet.

urban wild boar hunt in Russia full video

One day a crazed pig decides to go on rampage in a small town. However, he forgot he was in Russia. The town folk are not scared and have a few of the...

Did Kremlin organize White House hack

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on growing concerns over cyber warfare between the U.S. and Russia.

The cult of Putin039s personality

Despite a floundering economy, Russia's president remains deeply popular at home. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

In Russia Cement Trucks Fill Sink Holes A Bit Differently

That's how they do in Russia. It's a novel approach.

Snowplow driver I didn039t see CEO039s jet

Phil Black reports on allegations a drunk airport worker was responsible for the Moscow crash that killed Total's CEO.

Open Innovations Forum and Expo 2014

The III Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development "Open Innovations" and the Open Innovations Expo in 2014 were organized by Rus...

Sorokin Racism in Russia not 039a trend039

The CEO of Russia 2018 says that racist incidents in Russian football are 'undesired tendencies,' but not a trend.'

LiveLeakcom Video In Russia Bears Hunt You and Trashes your Car

In Russia, a man decided to go hunting for bear. During his trip, he managed to shoot a bear in the ass. The bear 'ran away' into the forest...