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New search area coming for Flight 370

Australia authorities to announce new search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Will Ripley reports.

YouTube Search amp Discovery Computerphile

How do YouTube decide which videos to recommend? - Cristos Goodrow from YouTube's Search & Discovery chats to Brady. YouTube's Secr...

Police looking for hot air balloon crash

Authorities in Virginia are searching for a hot air balloon crash site after the balloon caught on fire. WTVR has more.

Diver dies in South Korea ferry search mission Video Reuterscom

May 6 - A South Korean diver dies during a search operation for missing passengers in sunken ferry. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Report shows mistakes in MH370 search

CNN's Brian Todd reports on some of the big mistakes in the initial search for flight MH370.

The search goes on for missing South Korea ferry passengers Video Reutersco

April 22 - The search continues for the missing passengers of a South Korean ferry that capsized last week, as 185 people remain unaccounted for. Roug...

Australian plane detects new signals

CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports that an Australian search plane has detected new signals in the search for MH370.

Mudslide crews and search dogs take muchneeded rest Video Reuterscom

March 30 - Some of the search and recovery crews at the scene of last week's landslide in Washington state take a much-needed rest, as rain hampe...

Planes spot possible debris in new search

CNN's Kyung Lah reports on the possible debris spotted by search planes looking for MH 370 in a new area.

Planes spot objects in new search area

Multiple planes looking for Flight 370 spot floating objects in a new search zone off the coast of Australia.