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SNL Cold Open 039Situation Room039 Watches Obama Do StandUp Comedy VIDE

The latest "Saturday Night Live" with host Ed Helms kicked things off with a political cold open, but this time mocked comedy just as much a...

SNL Saturday Night Live Judy Grimes S34E13

Judy Grimes just kidding about leaving the show from Saturday Night Live S34E13

SNL Tina Fey039s Sarah Palin Darrell Hammond039s Donald Trump Return For

After a three-week hiatus, "Saturday Night Live" returned this weekend with a lot to make fun of. What

Pageant Talk

This is freaking funny!!!! Got to love SNL!!!

039SNL039 Nails The TSA PatDowns 039It039s Our Business To Touch Y

Last night's "Saturday Night Live" did one of the best parodies of the controversial TSA pat-downs yet, turning flyers' fears of u...

SNL Digital Short Peyote

Through good times and bad it

SNL Palin and Clinton Corrente

OMG,this is so funny, let so real!

28 Reasons SNL Highlight

collected by 4 users

In honor of Black History Month, here are 28 reasons to hug a Black guy today. Watch more SNL Saturdays 11:30/10:30c! Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.c...

SNL Do It On My Twin Bed CollegeHumor Video

Full size fun ;) don't wake my parents. Watch "SNL: (Do It On My) Twin Bed" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor