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russian airstrikes in syria underway: moscow reuterscom

russia says it launched air strikes against islamic state in syria on wednesday after president vladimir putin secured his parliament's unanimous...

Planes in sky cannons on ground as war rages on in Syria Video Reuterscom

Amateur video shows tracer bullets, artillery shelling and air strikes as rebel groups fight government forces in war-torn Syria. Justin Mitchell rep...

Airstrikes in Syria Video Reuterscom

Syrian government warplanes target cities and rebel-held areas across Syria, amateur video purports to show. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Meet the family of a suicide bomber

CNN's Karl Penhaul meets relatives and friends of a British man to find out what motivated him to head to Syria.

Anguish and bombing in Syria Video Reuterscom

Amateur video appears to show the aftermath of a bomb attack in Aleppo as a young boy screams for his father and war rages across Syria. Deborah Lutte...

Can wartorn Syria hold fair election

Like Syria itself, opinions about the country's presidential election are deeply divided. CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports.

Warning to US Terrorists swarming Syria

Jim Sciutto talks to Ahmad Al-Jarba, President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, about the ongoing crisis in Syria.

The fog of war in Syria Video Reuterscom

May 1 - Amateur video appears to show the aftermath of an airstrike in Syria as President Assad prepares to seek another term. Deborah Lutterbeck repo...

No sign of peace on the horizon in Syria Video Reuterscom

April 2 - Amateur video appears to show fighting raging across Syria with rights groups saying the death toll has topped 150,000. Deborah Lutterbeck r...

Why Syria is 039strategic issue039

UNICEF Executive Director and former U.S. National Security Adviser Anthony Lake says Syria is a "strategic issue."