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What039s next for Syria

Syria's latest ceasefire is a fragile one, could this be the one that holds? Lt. Col. RickFrancona weighs in.

Ceasefire in Syria appears to hold

A cessation of hostilities in Syria announced by Russia is being observed. CNN's Ian Lee reports.

Turkey sees Syria ceasefire by yearend Reuterscom

Turkey aims to establish a ceasefire on the ground in Syria before the new year, acting with Russia as guarantor, Ankara said on Thursday. But Turkey&...

Unsteady ceasefire in Syria takes effect

A ceasefire has taken effect in Syria, though still excludes some fighting groups and has no guarantee to last. CNN's Michael Holmes, Hala Gorani...

Turkey says it and Russia to act as guarantors of Syria ceasefire Reuterscom

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says Turkey and Russia will be the guarantors of a ceasefire deal, speaking just before a deal is announced ...

US to send 200 more troops to Syria to fight ISIS

CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

Russia slams US policy shift in Syria

Russia says the US could be putting weapons into the wrong hands with its new policy towards Syria. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

Russia Iran Turkey say ready to broker Syria deal Reuterscom

Russia, Iran and Turkey say they are ready to help broker a Syrian peace deal after the three countries hold talks in Moscow and adopt a declaration w...

Amateur video shows buses ablaze in Syria Reuterscom

Video released on the internet on Sunday shows buses burning on a road in Syria. Syrian state TV and a war monitor say several were attacked en route ...

How will history judge Obama on Syria

The Lead political panel discusses.