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GI Joe: Drone Operator from Funny Or Die PatB and Funny Or Die Politics

G.I. Joe's ready for a new age of warfare.

ISIS claims responsibility for deadly bombings in Syria

Dozens were killed in Syria after ISIS coordinated a series of explosions at two government strongholds. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.Sponsored: ...

CNN joins top US commander039s secret visit to Syria

CNN's Barbara Starr joins General Joseph Votel, commanding general of U.S. Central Command, on a secret mission to Syria.

Jihadis threaten to oust Christians in Syria

Children in Maaloula are raised with the Christian ideals and values that have been present in their city for hundreds of years, but various jihadist ...

Australia charges five in Syria 039plot039 Reuterscom

Australia charges five men over an alleged plot to sail to Syria to join Islamic State. Paul Chapman reports.

Hezbollah blames rebels for death of top commander in Syria Reuterscom

Blame is shifting in the death of a top Hezbollah commander killed in Syria. Israel was originally suspected in his death, but now the group blames Su...

Inside Brussels039 jihadi recruitment network

CNN's Erin McLaughlin talks with the mother of a teenager who died in Syria after being recruited in Belgium and confronts a recruiter.

The last 039True American039 in Damascus

A ceasefire in Syria has brought calm to some parts of the country. Citizens are returning to the streets and among them is Thomas Webber, an American...

Kerry: Key for Syria agreement will be enforcement

The U.S. Secretary of State speaks with Christiane Amanpour about a Syria ceasefire agreement with Russia, as well as corruption, North Korea, and Ira...

Kerry: Syria ceasefire beneficial but 039is it perfect No039

Exclusive: Russia is "angling for the political solution they want," he tells Christiane Amanpour. "And it's not necessarily a wor...