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The struggle to maintain the Syrian ceasefire

CNN's Frederick Pleitgen is embedded with Russian troops in northwestern Syria as they struggle to maintain peace in parts of Syria.

United Nations: Syria ceasefire hangs by a thread

The Syrian observer for human rights says a pediatric hospital in Aleppo was hit by an airstrike, killing 27 people. CNN's Nic Robertson reports...

27 killed in airstrike on hospital in Syria

A human rights group says 27 people were killed in an airstrike that hit a hospital in Syria, killing one of the last remaining pediatricians in Alepp...

Trump on foreign policy speech Syria

Donald Trump talks about his upcoming foreign policy speech and whether he agrees with President Obama's decision to send more troops to Syria.

US Special Ops troops will head to Syria

While visiting Hannover, Germany, U.S. President Barack Obama announced additional special operations forces will be sent to Syria in the coming weeks...

President Obama to send more special ops to Syria

President Barack Obama is expected to announce an additional 250 special operations forces will be sent to Syria, according to two U.S. officials. CNN...

Obama says Syria 039safe zone039 a practical problem Reuterscom

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Sunday it would be very difficult to see how a so-called safe zone would work in Syria without a large military co...

What is the 039oneforone039 deal

CNN's Phil Black explains how the EU and Turkey have reached a deal that will lead to the exchange of up to 72,000 Syrian refugees.

Obama: 039Deadly networks039 must not be allowed to get nuclear material

In his weekly address, Obama says the

George Friedman: Putins Syria Retreat Was Favor to US

George Friedman writes the free weekly column "This Week in Geopolitics" ( for Mauldin Econom...